Famous Singer Somia Khan Interview By Suleman Jazib

Somia Khan interview

Somia Khan, an excellent singer, born in a musical family in Lahore. She is singing from 12 years; now she lives in Dubai. Here is her latest interview with MirchMasala TV. She said, “When you promote something, you will earn money from that this is the way to do business. As in India for every singer, there are some talent shows to get a promotion. Pakistani’s are not promoting music as news channels just focus on politics & worst news displayed. But this is not the right way people also need entertainment, and people would go ahead, and our talent will rock.” Few days before Mr Suleman Jazib meet Somia Khan and take her interview which stated in the below lines.

Somia Khan Singer Interview with MirchMasalaTv

MMT: As an overseas Pakistani what you think how people are presenting Pakistani Culture here? Do people are engaged with Pakistan till now?

SM: Pakistani Culture and Music is superb, New people are also making efforts. However, they don’t have enough opportunities to come in front. They don’t have any support, any platform to present their talent. They don’t get any music show.

MMT: You have Music Background, What are you examining in today’s music industry? And what are your expectations?

SM: Everyone who get a good platform they rock on as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali, Abida Parveen, Madam Noor Jahan, Mehndi Hassan, Ghulam Ali and Atif Aslam. Anyone who have the talent he or she’d be promoted and present in front of the world then they’d earn money. They have a responsibility to support the good talent.

SM: As In Cricket IPL advertise a lot and now getting money. So is the case with everything first you invest then earn. There was a time when just PTV was the only channel, and the whole world sees Pakistani artists through that only network. Now the case is different so many channels are here to present talent. Why they play other countries’ Dramas like Turkey Dramas, they don’t take in front our own artists?

MMT: how’s the experience of your last video? And what’s about models?

SM: I Take a Russian girl as a model named Aana and also takes Haider Ali, They have done excellent work. We have shot this in Sharjah. We shot it having a different theme. People do like this.

MMT: What is your message for the beginners?

SM: I want to advise them to do practice more and more, and do hard work. Hard work is the only way to rock because in Pakistan, no such platform to start and get fame.

MMT: How many videos have been on aired? And your recent video is available anywhere?

SM: My recent shoot is labelled as Aaja Ve Channa, and it’s on YouTube, and it also gets a good response on Facebook. Ary Music, City42 and Din Channel are playing this song also and some others channels.

MMT: what an artist can do if there isn’t any opportunity for promotion?

SM: Now the artist is not needy he’d make his own YouTube channel and can also tag on Facebook to promote himself. This loss isn’t of the artist but of the people who are not advancing him.

MMT: Our many singers have been adopted many things as Arabic themes, Arabic tones, or English tones, etc. Do you want to include anything in your upcoming video?

SM: My all music is new every time & new tunes, new lyrics. I have production house in Pakistan & studio also. I promote artists always because the artist has fun in his field as a singer can sing, a dancer can dance, and actor can act, they wouldn’t do anything else.

MMT: tell some about your upcoming projects.

SM: I am going to Pakistan after two weeks, and I am going to release my new video of Commercial Sarieki Song. And I am working on my ghazals & Mohsin Raza is composing them, we are trying to launch them as soon as possible.

MMT: Please give a message to all artists.

SM: Artist is nothing without his fans and media. Artist alone cannot do anything when media promote him; then his echo sounds in the whole world.

Interview by Suleman Jazib


Suleman Jazib

Somia Khan Interview Pictures

Somia Khan interview

Somia Khan interview

Somia Khan interview

Somia Khan interview

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