Private Banker and Freelance Model/Singer Sneha Deepak Interview

Sneha Deepak Interview by Rubab Sahar

Sneha Deepak is a private banker in Bangalore, India and she is now living in Dubai with her husband and brother. She is a freelance model as well as a singer. She has master’s degree in Banking, business administration and also in finance. By profession, she is a successful banker, but she loves music and media. Mirch Masala TV host Miss Rubab Sahar meets Sneha Deepak to take her interview about her life and profession. Below are the lines which Sneha Deepak talk with us.

MMT : Mirch Masala TV
S.Deepak : Sneha Deepak

Sneha Deepak Interview by Rubab Sahar

MMT: Tell us about your early life, education and profession?

S.Deepak: I am born and brought up in Bangalore India. I lived in Bangalore for almost 13 years and shifted to Bombay for photo studies. Furthermore, our family stayed in Bombay for about 14 years, I completed Masters in business Administration in Banking and finance from a top business school. After that, I moved back to my home-town which is Bangalore. I have been a private banker for more than 6 years. Happily married for five years and settled in Dubai for more than 2.5 years. I stay in Dubai with my brother and husband. Dad is a veteran banker and mom is a housewife. Always interested in performing arts like music, dancing and walking the ramp since school and college days. I used to organize events on a large scale in Mumbai with an audience of at least 800-1000 people on a local level.

MMT: Sneha Deepak you were the finalist of Mrs. India Dubai 2016, can you please share that achievement with us?

S.Deepak: Being a banker by profession, I always had a passion towards media and music. After I moved to Dubai, I Participated in Mrs. India Dubai international 2016 and was a finalist. The whole platform gave me a motivation and was a driving force in my life to achieve a major feat. Though victory was never by my side, the whole objective and vision were to take this to another lev. Never give up has always been my attitude in life. No matter you win or lose, you have the capacity to live your dreams and to make it a reality.

MMT: You are a model as well as you also do some commercials, what was that experience?

S.Deepak: After the pageant, a new ME was born. I struggled hard to ensure that I accomplish my dreams. Moreover, I started modeling, walking the ramp, doing few commercials, etc. I walked the ramp for famous designers, I did a photoshoot for brands, was a part of the team for managing Mrs. India Dubai International 2017, did a couple of music videos and commercials. I restored the whole energy to me and promised myself that no matter what never stop trying, never stop believing in yourself, and never give up because your day will come soon.

Sneha Deepak Interview by Rubab Sahar Sneha Deepak Interview by Rubab Sahar

MMT: Sneha Deepak you are a married women, have you realize at any stage of life that you didn’t justify with you family while you are on work or vice versa?

S.Deepak: My strong pillar in my journey had been my husband and family. Without them, I would not have been able even to accomplish half of what I have achieved. My husband Deepak always says, and he has given me a freehand “Please go and achieve your passion as marriage does not stop a woman from dreaming since a man with dreams needs a woman with a vision.” My parents and brother have been equally supportive as they believe that if we don’t go after what we want, we will never have it.

Sneha Deepak Interview by Rubab Sahar

MMT: Did you got any professional training of music?

S.Deepak: Yes, I got training of a professional vocalist but that was 7-8 years back. A part of me has always loved music. After my modeling and media time here in Dubai, my urge was to create my impression in the musical field. Music is my life which is a reflection of what I go through. So I started a group through our social media platform with more than 300 people joined, and we finally met each other and filtered ourselves to final 15.

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MMT: Sneha Deepak tell your fans about your OUD THE BAND?

S.Deepak: Created a band of my own, built it with the support of each and every member of the group. Today we call it OUD THE BAND. We have performed more than five shows on a different platform in less than three months of inception of the band, and the work goes on and on. We are people who are passionate about music and believe in creating a life where music is basically the only thing that understands us.

MMT: Did you believe on Team work? Because in my view point, brands only gain success only due to teamwork.

S.Deepak: I am truly blessed with the kind of people I have on the team. We are a united OUD family, and I pray to God to take my new venture ahead with a lot of prosperity and success. We are on our way to originality soon. Furthermore, we want to spread our wings and spread our love through our music.

MMT: Where you see Sneha Deepak in the future?

S.Deepak: I want to be an inspiration, I want someone to look at me and say ‘because of you, I didn’t give up, ‘ and I guess I have today earned that for myself. In addition, I have people and friends who come to me and say that I am their belief in life which motivates and pushes me to go much more beyond my real capacity.

MMT: According to you, what is main key of success? Do you want to give any message to your fans?

S.Deepak: I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now. I believe gratitude is the key to success. Count your blessings be happy with what the Almighty has bestowed on you and life will take you a long way. We can come true our all dreams if we have the guts to pursue them. I am walking with some amazing people in life with whom this journey has been successful till date. And my only take on life is as KIM LYONS has said “Nothing epic happens in your comfort zone! Take chances, Live big”.

Sneha Deepak Interview by Rubab Sahar Sneha Deepak Interview by Rubab Sahar

Sneha Deepak Interview by Rubab Sahar Sneha Deepak Interview by Rubab Sahar

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  1. Great Sneha Deepak. Wish you all the very best and success to achieve your goals and dreams. I am sure you will bring laurels to your family n country too. All the best again.

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