China Merchants Zhangzhou and CEO Clubs Network signed MOU on Double Happiness Island

Double Happiness Island

China Merchants Zhangzhou Development Zone Co., Ltd regarded as China Merchants Zhangzhou and The CEO Clubs Network Worldwide confirmed a Strategic Partnership agreement. This agreement is for “Double Happiness Island” which is the first artificial island plan in China as profit-oriented usage of ocean recognised by the State Council of China. China Merchants Zhangzhou, the masters of the island; toured Dubai to meet and tour Palm Island the first in the world including other key projects in Dubai. Also Zhangzhou Delegation meets the Patron of the CEO Clubs Network Worldwide His Highness Sheikh Juma Al Maktoum.

China Merchants Zhangzhou and CEO Clubs Network signed MOU on Double Happiness Island

The two organisations approved this MOU to build a significant partnership in all perspectives, long-lasting and durable alliance. And make for a close relationship of cooperation, support and investments on different developments in the island. Furthermore, agreed to have a universal and close collaboration for the project of Twin Happiness Island in project construction.

Mr Yong Ding, said “Dubai made the first human-made Palm Island in the world with a big success. Moreover, our Double Happiness Island with different design will be a great unique business occasion to the world. We are jubilant to sign with the CEO Clubs Network Worldwide assisting us with their expertise.”

Dr Tariq Ahmed Nizami, Founder plus CEO of the CEO Clubs Network Worldwide stated that “I am thrilled to sign with China Merchants Zhangzhou and be part of Double Happiness Island team. I am looking forward to the contribution and assistance in building a milestone by China.  Dr Nizami also said that “It was an honour to host China Merchants Zhangzhou Delegation in Dubai; Such a Strategic Partnership in the two entities will reflect positively on brand visibility and enhance business investments”.

Double Happiness Island Investor

China Merchants Zhangzhou is the investor and maker of Double Happiness Island, which situated at the bank of DaPan Costal Water, at Phase II of ZhangZhou Development Zone. The Double Happiness Island takes a total area of 221.67 hectares (547.76 acres). Also, it holds a land area of 192.78 hectares including the waterside area of 28.89 hectares (71.39 acres). Furthermore, The Double Happiness Island is the first ever artificial island project as the profit-oriented practice of ocean permitted by the State Council of China. The island is positioned to be an internationally oriented, low-density, high-end, leisure and vacation destination.

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