SIGNATURE SISTERS Group A Platform To Entertain Women

Signature Sisters group for welfare of women

SIGNATURE SISTERS is a group purely made for entertain the housewives and working women of the community after gathering on one place. The founders of this motivational group are two real sisters Mrs Humaira and Mrs Samaira. They are basically Pakistani citizens and now living in UAE. The primary purpose of this group is to cooperate with all the women regardless of any country or religion. Women who feel loneliness and surrounded with difficulties in foreign countries, this group welcome them for guidance and entertainment.

SIGNATURE SISTERS A Platform To Support Women

The primary focus is to provide a suitable platform to women where they can share suggestion of domestic issues. Whereas they also want to provide them such an atmosphere where women can feel relaxed, and they get entertained. The plus point of the Signature Sisters is that it’s doors are always open for women of every age and they want to strengthen every mother daughter  and sister.

Signature Sisters group for welfare of women

Future Plans

In future, Signature Sisters Group have plans to organise different type of events internationally to promote their vision. Moreover, their motto is to unite both countries, and they wish to fulfil their dream soon in the future.

Signature Sisters group for welfare of women Signature Sisters group for welfare of women

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