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Shuja Sami Rising Star

Every superstar has a history of struggle at the start of the career. Nobody is a superstar from his/her birth; it is the effort and the devotion which lead him/her to the height of superstar. Shuja Sami rising star of Pakistani dramas. While at the start of any work one should follow these some points.

One must concentrate on his/her work

Do his/her task whole-heartedly.

Devoted to his/her work with sincerity

Similarly, same is the case with acting, when an actor does his work with full consideration. The dedication towards work will produce good results for him and the media industry which directly polish his career.

Shuja Sami Aiming Hollywood

Shuja Sami is one of the actors who has done their job wholeheartedly to get fame in the industry. In fact, he is new on the field, he is a perfect actor and has many distinguish qualities. In the recent past, he performs in many dramas and telefilms as an actor. Now Shuja Sami is aiming Hollywood to show his abilities on this international platform.

Drama Serials and Telefilms

The famous drama serials  and Telefilms by Shuja Simi are:

‘Na Kaho Tum Meri Nahee’

‘Drama Na Mar Jaye’


‘Mera Na Khuda Koi Aur Hai’



Bazar e Husan


Mastarni Ji

shuja sami rising star

Shuja Sami also show his talent in Pakistani movies which will also be appreciated by his fans. In the movie “Maalik” he is acting like a typical politician, a politician who always compromise his country on his benefits. Ashir Azeem is the director of ‘Maalik’ who try to show the corrupt mentality of politicians. Sami’s first movie was ‘Manto’ that was directed by Sarmad Khoosat, got much fame after its release. The movie got two different awards in various fields.

Due to his zealous work in acting, his fans are considering him a superstar in coming future.


  1. Shuja Sami is an upcoming artist very talented, he is more famous on TV dramas and as the time passes more and more Directors and Producers of feature films are contacting him.He has done a good job in whatever movies he got so far. Proved his worth. No doubt he is handsome and stylish can prove his worth provided get chance to work under some able and competent Director, such breakthrough is a must for him. There is a good quality in him is that he does not sign all the dramas appear on TV he is very choosy first go through the script and then sign. Accordingly if he is picked up for any leading roll in a film I am sure he can go further. I wish him every success and best of luck.

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