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Sheikh Saifi Font

Universally Famous Pakistani artist, calligrapher, and inventor of Saifi Font, Sheikh Saifi express his views during an interview with Suleman Jazib in Dubai. He is busy in his efforts to make betterment within last five years. Calligrapher Sheikh Saifi gives a message to the world that Pakistan is not lower than any other country within creative activities. The senior artist who belongs to Islamabad has continued the series of online art teaching. He is also giving workshops regarding his invented font in Dubai. During an interview with MirchMasala Tv, he expresses his views about art & artist and nowadays’ situations. Here is an exclusive interview with him.

Sheikh Saifi Exclusive Interview by Suleman Jazib

Sheikh Saifi Font

MM: What you think? What is an artist?

SS: Artist is the soft image as well as the treasure of society, and they send the right message to the world in any condition.

MM: What is the concept behind the creation of Saifi Font?

SS: The fundamental cause of inventing the Modern font is to represent Pakistan as a liberal country in front of all world, on the other hand, it neglects extremism.

MM: What would you say about talent in Pakistan?

SS: There is no lake of talent in Pakistan & my dear country has provided artists of international level. Those artists are well known across the globe.

MM: Now Some Pakistani artists are coming in front, what you say about it?

SS: For the reason that of Social Media the weak level of Pakistani Art has been recovered again as well as a new trend created.

MM: In your point of view how can take betterment in it?

SS: It is required from electronic media that they take part in art related activities. Furthermore, start regular programs for art learning to facilitate poor students who cannot afford expensive art colleges.

MM: What would you say about talent in Pakistan?

SS: (with grieve) There is a lot of talent in my dear country, and young people have craze about art. Most of the people are destitute because lake of guidance as well as not easy access to good art colleges.

MM: Give some suggestions to spread quality of art?

SS: To spread good art within the country we should need to be built standard art colleges inside every city. For this reason, all artists, as well as gallery owners, should work together.

MM: What is the cause of lake of creativity in art?

SS: The matter of fact about the lower scale of artistic works is no good reviews about new experimental works. Art and artists are going through a crisis, only work of famous artists’ purchased. As a result of this new and creative artists’ left their creations and started copying famous artists. On the other hand, there is a different scene in West, they admire and supports the experimental works accurately.

About Saifi Font

Sheikh Saifi Font

MM: Tell something about Saifi Font?

SS: it is a result of continuous hard work from a couple of years. Within every word, the balance and beauty of word are kept in view. It is entirely different from any other font in the world as well as it is created considering sweetness of Urdu Literature.

MM: What are your plans about Saifi tasks in future?

SS: Taking Saifi font we have started work on some international projects, and soon digital launching of the font will begin. So this font will be used for regular tasks.

Sheikh Saifi FontSheikh Saifi Font



  2. Congratulations Mr.Saifi, its your hardworking & you had done remarkable well, May Allah bless you with more success. Aameen 🙂

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