Sheikh Mohammed Build tolerance institution to ‘build bridges’

Institute of Tolerance

The Vice President, Prime Minister of UAE, Respectable Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has given out Law No. 9 of 2017. The law elaborates the setting up of the International Institute intended for Tolerance. The Vice President likewise give out Decree No. 23 of 2017, to make a Board of Trustees intended for the International Institute of Tolerance. The Prime Minister also issued Decree No. 28, 2017, assigning a Managing Director to the International Institute of Tolerance.

The Law of Establishment of the International Institute of Tolerance takes in the launch of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Tolerance Award. The law is directed in compliance with the establishment of the law, and launch its statutes in association with the Institute.

The International Institute of Tolerance made to insert a spirit of tolerance into the society. It aims to build an organised society and promotes the UAE as a role model for tolerance, anti-extremism.  Besides anti-discrimination between people, together with then not limited to, discrimination built on gender, race, color, religion, or language. The law is made to promote tolerance, open dialogue and honest and peaceful spirit of Islam.

International Institute of Tolerance

The Ruler of Dubai said “The formation of the International Institute of Tolerance arises at the time when we are in need to make bridges of tolerance and solidarity amongst people. The doors of institutes are open to the scholars and tolerance supporters. These are open to all individuals who desire to work via setting a culture of kindness and openness in our communities; and opposite extremism, violence and intelligent repression.

“From the time when its formation, the UAE has encouraged the principles of tolerance. It also takes steps for acceptance, coexistence, and honesty. It aims to make a haven for all of the people.  In order to achieve a place deprived of discrimination centred on gender, religion, race, or colour. “Tolerance is an essential value in any efficient society.  It is the substance of stable and well-to-do nations, plus happy peoples,” he stated.

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