Shakeel Siddiqui Interview by Dr. Aadil Fahim

Shakeel Siddiqui Interview by Dr. Aadil Fahim

Shakeel Siddiqui is the most famous Pakistani stage comedian, and his nickname is ‘Teeli’ in Pakistan. He was born on 26th of May 1964, in Karachi, Pakistan. He worked in different shows like Ustaadon Ka Ustad, Comedy Circus, Comedy Club, and Comedy Nights Bachao. Shakeel also worked in movies named Baazigar, and Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa. Now, he is giving his services in Indian comedy shows as a comedian. Our beloved member Dr. Aadil Fahim meets Shakeel Siddiqui to take Shakeel  Siddiqui interview.

Shakeel Siddiqui Interview by Dr. Aadil Fahim

MMT: (Mirch Masla TV)
SS: (Shakeel Siddiqui)

You can read the Shakeel Siddiqui Interview in the following lines.

Shakeel Siddiqui Interview

MMT: You worked in India and in all over the world, which things are different in the various countries?

SS: The whole world is the same, and I feel if working in Pakistan or India. As the atmosphere of comedy remains the same in both countries. But the major thing which makes you more enjoyable is the crowd because support of audience gives you more confidence. Each country has its own public so, every time its a different experience in the different country.

MMT: What would you say about Kapil Sharma Show?

SS: It is a good show! God blesses him; he is doing his best job for comedy and comedians.

MMT: What will you say if Kapil Sharma comes to perform in Pakistan?

SS: We love him, he is my junior, and I always support my juniors. Kapil and I participate in a comedy show, and I win that show.

MMT: As you said the public is the difference but where you enjoy most?

SS: This depends on the crowd as I am working from 35 to 36 years in Pakistan, and I know Pakistani public well. I know how they will laugh and which things will delight them. People who consider themselves more educated didn’t laugh even on the good joke because they think they are literate peoples.

MMT:  The things which are happening in today’s comedy what would you say about them?

SS: Nowadays some comedians try to include unethical jokes to make people laugh. I think this should not happen because these type of people have a short life in industry.

MMT: What’s your opinion it is easy to laugh someone?

SS: When you sing a song you don’t know that who is enjoying and who is not. Similarly, it is a tough task to make anyone laugh. Because in a crowd, there are thousands of people, who all have different minds. And it is a tough job to make laugh thousands of minds with same words.

MMT: Is there some preparation or scripts in Comedy?

SS: Comedy belongs to the atmosphere; it needs preparation. But in my case, I do 40 to 50% comedy on the spot depending on the situation.

MMT: Which thing made you the artist on this level?

SS: I think it is entirely God gifted ability. Allah created a system that some people become a doctor some engineer, and I become a comedian. I don’t have any factory, but I have a plant of words. I don’t know from where these words come into my mind when I am performing on stage.

MMT: Do you want to give any message to the Indian public.

SS: Like Pakistanis, the Indian public also loves me a lot, and I think political problems should be distanced from public and actors. Everyone has its profession, the government of both countries should limit their problems between them. Not the residences of both countries involve them in those issues.

MMT: Thank you, sir, for your precious time and company.

SS: It’s mine pleasure.

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