Shahid Kapoor Defends His Wife Mira

shahid kapoor

Shahid Kapoor may have pushed for scattering arranged marriage and splitting jokes about his 14 years age variation with wife Mira on Karan Johar’s chat show, but Shahid Kapoor is far from being irritated. Shahid Kapoor said that “A mainstream star has an established marriage is unique. It is not every day that a Hindi film hero agrees and marries someone no one even knows. I am an actor. My most parts of life are always in the discussion. This thing cannot be stopped if like it or don’t like. However, when people cross the limit, we do get unhappy. But the line itself is wide. We can’t be irritable and say, bhai mere bare mein Koi Baat Nahin Karega.”

Shahid Kapoor Defends His Wife Mira

Shahid Kapoor defends his wife by saying Mira has a mind of her own and cannot be tunnelled. “Mira appears pretty chilled out about what written. My wife decides her life decisions as for where she wants to go, what she want to do. She also decides the home matters that who is allowed to come into the house. Indeed it’s logical, and it should be the same.

shahid kapoor

Later Shahid Kapoor converts the topic and talks about Rangoon, which is his third collaboration with Vishal Bhardwaj after two ‘Kaminey’ and ‘Haider’. After releasing Kaminey in 2009, the filmmaker had remarked that Shahid would be an excellent actor if he cared less about his appearances. Today, as Rangoon’s trailer is exposed, the actor says he still fusses over his looks.

Shahid Kapoor Gives Variations in Last Ten Movies

“In my last ten films, I have not seen the same in any two movies,” he proudly claims. Did they agree to disagree? “Aspects changes with the situation. For Haider, I shaved off all my hair just for a four-hour shoot. Actors used to think of the variance of themselves. But he (Bhardwaj) is, larger than anybody else. He has full right to change my look. He is the man who taught me how to resuscitate myself. Now, the thrill to look different becomes my worst habit,” Shahid admits.

Shahid Kapoor said Bhardwaj was the reason, more than Rangoon’s script which is “enticing”, for him to jump on board: “This one is diametrically diverse from the last two films we did. The organisation is, much like Haider. Kangana and Saif (Ali Khan) are playing major characters. With Vishal sir’s stories, there aren’t ranks and hierarchies. He needs three prominent actors to participate in the milieu he has envisioned and rediscover our potential as artists.”

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