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A perfect combination of Action, Thrill, and adventure (shown in its Trailer), Shahrukh Khan upcoming movie ‘Raees’ becomes a Hot potato nowadays. Its first Trailer released, indeed an inspiring one. Shah Rukh Khan plays a role of Raees Alam, with his co-star Mahira Khan as Mohsina. Dholakia is the director of Raess while Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar, and Gauri Khan are its producers. Rahul Dholakia, Harit Mehta, Niraj Shukla and Ashish Vashi are mutual writers of film Raees.

Raees Trailer Description

The trailer starts with Raees (Shahrukh Khan)’s introductory remarks; ‘Mom says No business is small and no any religion is bigger than Business’ showing an absolute condition of Fortune favor the bold. There is also an expression that elaborate that he is showing his power at the drop of a hat.

In one scene when he is flying a kite, a person alarm him saying ‘Don’t be so high; you will get cut’. And Raees (Shah Rukh Khan) said in his reply that ‘If I was affright to be cut down, I would not fly a kite whether I have to hold a spool.’

Shahrukh Khan having Kind Heart

These scenes show his straight forwardness haughtiness, and in some other scenes, he is shown such a kind heart as his scenes with Mohsina (Mahira Khan). The trailer established movie’s impact as a strong one if it is in its project of if in roles, characters, action, scenes, etc. Everything looks as perfect as it will be a super hit project. Let’s wait till 25th of January 2017 reached.

Raees and Mahira Khan Controversy

Everyone was expecting that for the promotion of movie Mahira Khan shall call to India. Filmmakers said that ‘if we feel it necessary for film’s promotions to call her to India, we will bring her here. And have real expectations from Government, no restrictions will come from there.’


After Uri attack, there becomes the biggest problem about Pakistani actors who have done their work in India. Because Indian government ordered all Pakistani actors to go back to Pakistan, as early as they can. So now Mahira’s movie is going to release, but she is not present in India.

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