Shah Rukh Khan Praises Work of Gauri and Alia Bhatt | Dear Zindagi

Shah Rukh Khan gives his opinion about just released movie ‘Dear Zindagi’. He said that his stardom will doesn’t come in the way of the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’. He said ‘The work of both Gauri Shinde and Alia Bhatt is marvelous and I hope I will never let them down. I have a role in the movie which is crucial and same is the case with all other characters.’

Shah Rukh Khan Praises Gauri Shinde and Alia Bhatt

Shah Rukh Khan known as King Khan has an active career in Film industry. He is always in search of something different to do. He added ‘Furthermore I don’t know that self-promotion of mine will make the audience to come and watch it. Sometimes I hear Hob Nob about my decision to do movies. The argument is usually about my working as a star vehicle, but I should have to change my stuff now. I have done all that in my career, and I want to do more the one step is direction.’

Shah Rukh Khan Role In Dear Zindagi

Shah Rukh Khan said that he had never done this type of role ever in the movies which Gauri Shinde decided for him. He is happy to be a part of Dear Zindagi. In the film, there are many questions asked about life which we don’t want to face in real life. In fact, his character in the movie is entirely different from roles he has done in his whole career. Shah Rukh said that different ups and downs of life discussed in Dear Zindagi.’

Shah Rukh Khan dear zindagi

Gauri who is the writer of the movie also directed a film ‘English Vinglish’ in which Shah Rukh Khan’s character was as Dr. Jahangir. She said: ‘While writing I haven’t thought about anyone else because no one suits here more than SRK.’ Shah Rukh Khan Elaborated the subject of the movie, as it centers to made a perfect woman. Moreover he tells that we mostly talk about women empowerment and feminism.’ The movie was released on 25th of November 2016 worldwide.

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