Separation of Nandita Das and Subodh Maskara


Bollywood actress-filmmaker activist Nandita Das and Mumbai-based organiser Subodh Maskara; who tied the knot on January 2, 2010, newly announced that they had departed. Nandita said that, “Subodh and I have decided to separate. Thankfully, it is very peaceable. She said that, their son is their first preference. And as parents of a delightful and sensitive child, they ask that his and their privacy be respected. There is nothing to hide, and there’s nothing more to be said,” Nandita said in her announcement on January 2, 2017.

When Mirror contacted the 46 years old Award-winning actress, she said, “I am in the midst of fire-fighting for my ‘Manto’ film. Juggling motherhood with direction is hard enough. I have been clear about my personal life, and, at the same time, very private. I hope people understand and respect that.”

Nandita Das and Subodh Maskara Separation

The couple has two homes in Mumbai, and Nandita will now live in their Bandra residence while Subodh will jump into the Worli home. The 43 years old businessman, who is currently on vacations with his son in Spain, says that their six years old son, Vihaan, is free to stay, wherever he wants. But he refuses to comment on the custody case because they are not planning to file for divorce anytime soon. “He will ever have two homes, and he has no limitations on where he wants to live,” Subodh told Mirror, further reasoning.


“Sometimes people just tend apart, and separation is the best solution for both the individuals. It helps them bloom, as was the case of us.” Subodh jokes that whether he is 43 at the moment but feels as young as a 25 years old at heart. In 2010, Nandita was pregnant, when the couple found their production house. They named the production house Chhoti Production Company Pvt Ltd after the arrival of their firstborn, who they’d expected a girl. Subodh, who has MBA degree from the US’ Kellogg Graduate School of Management. He had been involved in many ventures before he decided to pursue his creative passions.

After visiting theatre workshops, Subodh decided to make his professional stage debut with the 2012 play, entitled ‘Between the Lines’. Nandita writes and directs this play, who also featured in it. The drama marked her appearance to the stage after an eight-year interval. The couple also co-founded Cineplay a digital platform for storytelling around the same time.

Future of Chhoti Production Company Pvt Ltd

Will Chhoti and Cineplay stay in a partnership among the couple? “Absolutely!” exclaims Nandita, elaborating, “Cineplay is an excellent idea, and I will continue to support it.” Meanwhile, Subodh has no purposes of pursuing acting anymore and will explore other perpendiculars related to filmmaking instead.

Does he still believe in marriage?
“I am an endless optimist and believe in love, and all that comes with it,” he said.
While Nandita chooses not to answer, saying,
“It is not fair to shift me; these are difficult times, and I would apprehend some sensitivity.”

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