Aamir Khan Says Secret Superstar Is Much Bigger Than Dangal

secret superstar 2017 release date

Nowadays, it is going on a regular basis for some decades, that long-lasting impact of movies leaves on the minds of the viewers. The point of interest is that Aamir Khan uses to give a unique topic in his movies every year as he is going to give Secret Superstar to his fans. The topics and the main subject of his movies are always different than before. Whereas, his movies are always full of thrill and action. The eight years old Aamir Khan started his film industry career from 1973 Movie Yaadon Ki Barsaat’. Till now, he has made a lot of exclusive characters and win awards due to his outstanding performances in the movies.

Furthermore, we can’t say him just a skilled actor, but, he is more than that. He would be able to get the title of the remarkable actor in the whole Bollywood. He is just doing his work less than any other actor due to having a lot of business affairs. Whereas, he is not just an actor, but also he is the director, a producer under the banner of Aamir Khan Productions. To make a project complete as well as successful in the end, he does a lot of tasks from different genres of filmmaking.

Secret Superstar Going to Give Big Hit

In the wonderful Victorian era sports film Lagaan, Aamir Khan makes it prominent that he can produce a film at the same time while he is acting. There are award winning movies under his dual tasks. In the past, Lagaan gets the nomination of a foreign-language Academy Award. Moreover, it happens for the third time in Bollywood that an Indian movie received this honor. Previously, this nomination was taken by Salaam Bombay in 1988, and Mother India in 1957.

Short Story of Amir Khan’s Film Secret Superstar

It’s in his capability as an actor cum producer that has been back with a new project this year, entitled as Secret Superstar. Furthermore, the upcoming film Secret Superstar is about the increase in the age of the leading character, from young to old,  about a teenaged girl that belongs to a small town. The role played by his exciting Dangal co-star Zaira Wasim. She uses the Internet to grow into a singing sensation. Besides Aamir Khan’s remarkable commercial track record, exclusively above the previous decade; it’s like a dream, realistic to get ahead that the fresh picture; that is going to releases at Diwali on 19th of October. The movie will be a nominee for membership in exclusive 1,000 Crore Club.

aamir khan secret superstar

Aamir Khan and His Box Office Records

It is strange for every one of Indian movie stars, the plan of a ₹1,000 crore mark is a strange one. However, because of that Aamir Khan has established different box office records with just about every single new film; since 2008. Furthermore, his fame is essentially unchallenged in China.

Moreover, most of his movies since 2008 are blockbuster hits, whereas, many films break THE OLD Records. So, if we say that his maximum films set new records in the history of Bollywood then it is not wrong. In 2008, Ghajini turn out to be the first Indian movie to grasp ₹100 crore in international earns. In the next year, his film 3 Idiots comes to be the highest grossing movie with earnings of ₹395 crore. The record mounted for four years up to his upcoming movie Dhoom 3. This movie set succeeding record thru ₹585 crore. Moreover, it passes away with his 2014 movie PK. And with his 2016 film Dangal, the highest-grossing picture in the records of Indian box office account.

Aamir Khan Hopeful About his Upcoming Movie Secret Superstar

In addition, Aamir Khan has uttered ultimate sureness concerning his upcoming movie’s prospects, foretelling it will be “much bigger than ‘Dangal.’ Despite the fact, both are almost the permission of the girl child. I feel it is an abundant superior film,” he stated.

If Secret Superstar doesn’t turn out to be the third movie on the way to 1,000 Crore Club, after ‘Dangal’ plus the SS Rajamouli directed epic Baahubali: The Conclusion.

Secret Superstar Release Date and Business

Aamir Khan’s film Secret Superstar will be going to release on 19th of October, 2017 in USA and he is hopeful about film’s business.

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