Saudi Arabia Declares Unblocking Of WhatsApp, Viber & Skype

Saudi Arabia Declares Unblocking Of WhatsApp, Viber & Skype

There is a great news for the people who are living in Saudi Arabia and were waiting to talk with their loved ones online via WhatsApp, Viber & Skype. Surely, it is perfect for all of the people. Saudi Arabia declared that it is going to unblock WhatsApp, Viber & Skype. A sign of progress that is certain to style the lives of the numerous emigrants at ease who live as well as work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Declares Unblocking Of WhatsApp, Viber & Skype

The Gulf countries have stringent rules concerning online messaging apps. WhatsApp which is the most loved one messaging app was blocked into the Gulf countries. However, there has been a new step taken in this way from Saudi Arabia that it has been unlocked WhatsApp, Viber & Skype. WhatsApp calls were unblocked a few months before in the UAE. However, it was blocked later again. At present, the same hopes people have from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Abdullah bin Amer Al-Sawahah said,
Coordination in the middle of the Communications and Information Technology Commission; in addition to telecommunications service providers is on the go to allow everyone to get benefits from these messaging applications. WhatsApp, Viber & Skype are the apps that are used on a large scale throughout the world. Furthermore, the qualities of the apps exclusive like communications via voice and video over the Internet.

He further added that it has been making sure from cooperating bodies that it will be in the range of each and every one all around the country. Besides, all of the features of the applications will be accessible for everyone. Moreover, the high-quality video and audio quality will be available. On the other hand, the applications WhatsApp, Viber & Skype will be monitored and look over from time to time.

It was 2013 when Saudi Arabia government blocked these apps. For the reason that WhatsApp, Viber & Skype did not meet the governing settings of the country. ‘The collaboration in the middle of the Kingdom’s telecoms partners approaches, under the banner of ‘Customer First.’ It is, in actual, a policy wherein one and all works to give all telecom subscribers; in the Kingdom; the greatest services that come across their outlooks and content their requirements,” stated Al-Sawahah.

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