Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Experience You The Best

samsung galaxy a3 2017 all colors

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 the phone which experiences you the best from each and every angle. It has much-extended features than Samsung Galaxy A3 (2014). Much to our delight, the mid range smartphone business is improving day by day. Greater than before competition has seen several features from the upper midrange phones trickling down to lesser tiered ones. The Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) the real representation of these blurry lines, or at least it tries to be.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Specs and Price

The company’s a series always stands near to its flagship S series regarding build, design and specifications. With that of course, come with a high price tag. On the other hand still reasonably lower than the Samsung flagships. The recently updated A3 2017, shifts towards an S series like design intending to copy the twin glass looks of the premium S7. The most awaited of the A series, the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 has an elegant design with an extensive attention to detail.

Many things to be noted as its weight, within hands it feels you as a premium piece gives you feeling. Extremely light weight make you as much relaxed and comfortable as you want. The exclusively designed frame made of metal. Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 has an excellent plastic back. The rear is shiny and objects to mimic the glass similar to the look on the Galaxy S7. The phone is a bit smooth, nevertheless as luck would have it. It’s small, so grip isn’t too much of an issue unless you have tiny hands.

samsung galaxy a3 2017 all colors

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Screen Size

It begins with a 4.7 inch 720p Super AMOLED screen. The resolution is subpar, although unless you are looking at it from 8 inches away, you won’t regard the pixels. As is usual with AMOLED screens, you go deep blacks. Other than that, the brightness is notable high. Besides, Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 has an excellent screen which is readable in bright sunlight. Everything Here that you want and always extends your experience within good manners.

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