Rumi Munawar’s Interview by Rubab Sahar

Rumi Munawar Interview by Rubab Sahar

Rumi Munawar’s Interview by Rubab Sahar

Rumi Munawar is Pakistani born, UAE based model. She has a bachelor degree in marketing, but due to her passion for modelling, she selects modelling as a profession. According to her, she is a face of her country Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates. She loves to be surrounded by friends and family members. Rumi considers Huda Kattan as her role model for her profession. Mirch Masala TV representative Miss Rubab Sahar meet Rumi to take her interview. Below is her views about her life and profession.

MMT: Tell us about yourself?

RM: I am Rumi Munawar. A Pakistani, born and bred in Dubai. A free spirited girl, who lives in the moment! Loves to be surrounded with friends and family. I believe in being the trendsetter, a complete workaholic.

MMT: What was about your education. Have you attended fashion modelling courses?

RM: I am a graduate, I complete my bachelors in marketing. Didn’t attend any modelling course or class, but definitely watched a lot of ramp walk videos on youtube. I want to improve my posture before I stepped out for my first fashion show audition.

MMT: Rumi what are your goals as a model?

RM: I believe in representing my country, I hail from and being the face of UAE. A personality, and a figure who floods waves of positivity in the minds and hearts of every person. Of being able to make my name as a brand – of building an image for a lifetime.

MMT: How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly?

RM: I feel pretty shy to meet new people. The hesitation is apparently there in the beginning, but I ensure no matter what the situation is, I greet everyone with utmost respect!

MMT: How do you handle stressful situations?

RM: I immediately call up my sisters and my best friend. In some situations, I just sleep till I wake up with a fresh mind.

MMT: Rumi what is your greatest strength?

RM: I think that my parents and my family are my real strength.

MMT: Why do you want to work as a model?

RM: Modelling is a passion, it helped me to groom myself. To be much more confident and connect with people who shower me with immense love. It gives me a platform to be confident and not only be beautiful- but to also feel beautiful!

MMT: What are your greatest accomplishments so far?

RM: I have been the show stopper for the various fashion shows held in Dubai. They were representing various brands so that the media in my home country calls me the face of Pakistan in UAE. My Photoshoot with Timothy Allen posing as his model, in exposure film festival is worth mentioning here.

MMT: Rumi how do you define success?

RM: Success to me is happiness. Whatever you do, it brings joy and contentment to your heart is a success!

MMT: Who is your role model in this industry?

RM: I look up to Huda Kattan to polish my abilities and career.

MMT: Any message for upcoming models?

RM: Be yourself and define your limits. Not everyone looks like other. Be you, as everyone is unique in their own special way. Realise your strength, polish it and deliver it in your sweet way. And that is your superpower.

Rumi Munawar Interview by Rubab Sahar

Rumi Munawar Interview by Rubab Sahar

Rumi Munawar Interview by Rubab Sahar

Rumi Munawar Interview by Rubab Sahar

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