Roop Kumar Rathod, Sunali Rathod and Sobia Interview

Room Kumar Rathod interview

Roop Kumar Rathod and Sunali Rathod are legends of the Indian film industry. They both are giving their services for film industry as a playback singer while Sunali has also gilts to sing classical. Roop Kumar has also a classical background and he love to sing ghazal. Whereas Roop gives big hits to music industry in the form of evergreen songs as well as he is a successful music director. We are going to disclose the Exclusive interview of Roop Kumar Rathod, Sunali Rathod and Sobia. Mr. Suleman Jazib the founder of Mirch Masala TV personally met to take Roop Kumar, Sunali Rathod and Sobia interview in Dubai.

MMT: (Mirch Masala TV)
R.K.R: (Roop Kumar Rathod)
S.R: (Sunali Rathod)

Roop Kumar Rathod, Sunali Rathod and Sobia Interview

Interview By Suleman Jazib

MMT: Sir kindly tell your fans did you enjoy play back singing or Ghazal?

R.K.R: I was not keen about play back singing; Ghazal is the food of my soul. I grow up with Ghazal and I think that I would just sing Ghazal in the future. I got many offers from movies but I skipped because I want to devote myself towards ghazal.

MMT: What was your first song as a playback singer?

R.K.R: First time I sing in a movie named ‘Angaar’ that song was like a Ghazal ‘Kitni Jaldi Ye Mulaqat Guzar Jati Hai’, ‘Pyas Bujhti Nahee Aur Barsaat Guzar Jati Hai’. And that was also my first song with Lata Didi. From there I start singing as a playback singer.

MMT: What’s about today’s music?

R.K.R: Present music is also very good, singers are also good because they are trying their best to give their besties. On the other hand, songs are good but I think the language using in nowadays movies is vulgar. In spite of all this there are also still good movies in the film industry with good lyrics in the music.

MMT: What message you want to give about your coming show?

R.K.R: I am praying for the show to be a successful one and I hope it will be successful because the people who connected with this show all are melodious. And the response of public which I experienced it shows the success, the hall is 90% full till now.

MMT: Who are your favorite singers?

R.K.R: Arijit Singh, Irfan, and Ankithigari is working wonderfully as Kaifi.

Khaar o Khast uthey Raasta to Chale,

Me agar Thak Gaya Karwaan to Chale.

Sunali Rathod

MMT:  How you start your career?

S-R: was a student of melody from childhood, and suddenly I start singing ghazal in 1994. I always want to sing each and every form of melody if classic or any other. Even I am a big fan of Jazz music.

MMT: How you meet with Roop Kumar Ji?

S-R: When we start in 1986 my organizer said to me that there is a new singer named Roop Kumar and a half you sing hand half he will. We become a friend and it changes in love then we become a life partner.

MMT: What would you say to upcoming singers?

S-R: You must have a base. You should learn singing from someone; you cannot learn it from YouTube or anything else. When you have a strong base then you should go ahead and chose your way.

MMT: How’s you feeling today Sobia?

Sobia: I am feeling extremely happy, this is the second time that Roop Kumar give me a second chance. The first chance was in India in Mumbai show name was ‘Ru Ba Ru’, let’s try and recreate the magic of ‘Ru Ba Ru.’

MMT: What is special from you in coming show?

Saba: From tomorrow performances Kathak choreography on Roop Kumar’s special song ‘Maula mere Maula.’

MMT:  About which piece of you were talking with pundit Ji?

Sobia: I was talking about finale piece with Pandit Ji. Roop Kumar bro is so talented that if he comes on stage unprepared about something he will get that one as he is fully aware.

Roop Kumar Rathod, Sunali Rathod and Sobia Interview Pictures

Room Kumar Rathod interview Room Kumar Rathod interview

Room Kumar Rathod interview

Room Kumar Rathod interview

Room Kumar Rathod interview

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