Robbery With US Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian

TV Star Kim Kardashian

On Monday French police arrested 17 people in raids over the armed robbery with US reality TV star Kim Kardashian in Paris. The last year based on DNA found at the crime scene, police sources said. Police descended in the Paris region and the south of France following legal work at the luxury residence in the capital. The city Where Kardashian was bound up and stripped of jewellery worth nine million euros ($9.5 million) in October. One source told AFP.

Kim Kardashian Robbery and Police Raid

The 72-year-old man picked up in Grasse in the south of France while the youngest one is in their early 20s. Three women were also among those arrested.The data found at the scene, and investigators were able to put in place a monitoring operation and recognise the criminal network behind the robbery. He said, continuing that it stretched to Antwerp in Belgium, one of the global centres of the diamond industry. Money and reports were also arrested in the raids. He suspected people have a time of 96 hours before being charged.

TV Star Kim Kardashian

A group of armed and masked men dressing in police uniforms burst in residence in the chic Madeleine area of the capital where 36 years old Kardashian and her entourage were staying during Paris Fashion Week. The group tied and locked up Kim Kardashian into the bathroom and flew away with jewellery which includes a ring of four million euros and also a case having gems worth five million euros.

Pascal Duvier, The Kardashians┬┤ bodyguard at the time, was not with Kim when the robbery took place. However, He was providing security for her sister Kourtney at a Paris nightclub. He no longer works for the family. The theft caused more unwanted release for Paris which has seen its reputation damaged by major terror attacks in last two years. Luxury hotel bookings and foreign visitor arrivals in France are both down.

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