Response of Fawad Khan on India’s announcement of banning Pakistani Actors

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Is Fawad Khan a Diplomatic Actor?

After the announcement of India due to 19 Indians killed in URI Attack, banning Pakistani artists temporarily. Pakistani famous actor Fawad Khan who is working in India in the shooting of movies; gives his response by posting his statement on Facebook about the current issue.

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Fawad Khan Statement at Current Issue

According to Fawad, he is in Lahore since July because of expecting a new child, he got news of banning Pakistani artists in India and asked for his response to this incident. He said that he is feeling so sad after listening to this story, and it is a bad thing. Both countries should establish a peaceful atmosphere among them by leaving all the evil deeds.
After then he thanks all his fans from Pakistan and India for their support and love after the current situation.

Fawad conveys a message to the people of both countries to be live like friends with each other, and this thing will make both countries secure. He further proceeds that he is giving first-time response upon this type of event. Khan gets a reaction of being Diplomatic and giving subtle statements.

Comments of Fawad Khan’s Fans

Mostly fans of Fawad Khan fell that he is not an innocent guy as he is deceiving Indians because his statements are different when he is in India or in Pakistan. Rather some fans feel that Fawad is disappointing Indian peoples. The response of one fan from Pakistan was that Indians are killing innocent Kashmiris that’s why Fawad should stop working with Indians. In the favor of  Fawad, one Indian fan gives his statement that if India will ban Pakistani artists; people of India will still love Pakistani actors and they will always stand with them.
The silent battle starts between Pakistan and India and it will effects Pakistani and Muslim artists mostly results in effecting lives of celebrities. Hope this confusion will be brought to an end soon, and everything will be continued again as before.

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