Reactions of Journalist on Pemra Ban of 92 News HD | NEO News Ban

ban on 92 news HD

News Channels undergoing tough time owing to their polices and approach.. In the recent past, Pemra bans 92 News HD and NEO news for broadcasting somehow unethical content. After the ban, the journalist class start protesting against this act of Pemra.Stands taken by certain media houses have introduced them to unseen but hard felt troubles.  Some credible people give their view point on the same.

Perma Ban of 92 News HD and Journalists Reaction

Abdul Razzaq Khatti

He said that nowadays Journalist Organizations turns into Mafia. The richest leaders other than Journalist Organizations become wealthy and prosperous without any efforts. These leaders add fuel to the fire by appointing their blind followers via fake membership. If someone talks about them, they instantly run on him. As a result, fair people leave them.

The organisation established to save benefits of our own section. But our leaders sell their people whether help them to get rid of their problems. We will argue till we will be released!!

ban on 92 news HD

Haroon Siddiqui

Haroon Siddiqui gives his statement about the critical situation of news channels.
According to her ‘A strange thing is this, how long this situation is like this and why? ‘
‘I am an outsider, but it is a matter of great concern. Cameraman of Channel 92 is in a mess and stress. They are disallowed to be or sit in the newsroom of Islamabad bureau. They sit with drivers, guards and other clerical staff and the way in which they are being handled and treated by the employer is just sad. If you visit their office and you are from Dunya TV, you will get terminated.

As it happened with Usman Cheema (cameraman) who was let go by dropping a former colleague from Dunya TV to his house and then Saghir Ch over a petty issue. Is there any union out there to condemn such act and anyone to stand for the right of video journalists? It is a clear-cut policy of the channel 92 that is if a Channel 92 employee is seen standing next to Dunya TV employee, he/she will get terminated. It is sad to see the hard workers on the disposal of owners who know jack about journalism and yet interfere in every news or official matter.

92 News HD claim to be the only HD channel and professional but hardly any professionalism left in the organisation. Since the channel is shifted to Zero Point from Melody.

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