Rashid Farooq Selected Senior Vice President PML(N) Gulf

New Senior Vice President PML (N) GULF

Chaudhary Rashid Farooq and Chaudhary Shahid Mehmood

Chaudhary Rashid Farooq has been selected as Senior Vice President and Chaudhary Bashir Ahmed Shahid as Vice President of PML (N) Sharjah. While thanking the Gulf President PML (N), Chaudhary Noor Ul Hassan Tanveer newly selected members said that they try their best to extend their party in Gulf. And they stated that they will do anything possible to make PML (N) healthy and active, and they will be act as front runners in President of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s efforts for promotion of Democracy.
senior vice president

Chaudhary Rashid Farooq

Chaudhary Rashid Farooq and Chaudhary Bashir Ahmed Shahid said that PML (N) is leading Party of Pakistan. Pakistani public trust on their patriotic leadership. Meanwhile, prominent personalities of UAE congratulate newly elected designation holders for getting their new responsibilities.

Chaudhary Bashir Ahmed Shahid

Chaudhary Bashir Ahmed Shahid

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