QforQuran App To Help All in Religious Activities

QforQuran App 2017

Nowadays the time of technology, and everyone dependent on mobile apps and use them as a way to get connected. Due to this technology mania, everything is very near to us. Now we don’t  need much efforts to get things. For the Muslims, these apps become an easy way to know their religious duties like prayer timings, Tafsir, Quran e Paak & translation of it. Here is a great market for Android and IOS for Quran e Paak apps like QforQuran.

QforQuran App To Help All Muslims in Religious Activities

The Islamic market enhanced with a lot of other knowledge which is Islam related to Hadith and other content. However, not a lot of platforms for Islamic studies using technology, to do some activities to promote Islam-related activities.

QforQuran is a mobile Quran App (online). The app used to fill the gap and provide valuable activities to those persons who want to practice Islam. However, they find it difficult to accomplish their religious responsibilities. Most of them are a prey of professional life which is totally unrelated to this type of activities.

2017 QforQuran app

QforQuran made to provide a platform for all Muslims to read Quran and do it on a daily basis easily. Quran events by QforQuran offers a concept of Khatam on the web to the digital era. The app is useful for all Muslims to provide them an age old centuries Islamic traditions. The aim is to bring together all Muslim community. The app facilitates young Muslims to get in touch of understanding the learning with Quran.

At present, Ramadan QforQuran App recognised Abdul Sattar Edhi’s (late) facilities to humanity by continues the app to Quran reading for his departed soul. He helped millions of people, as he was a social worker, he well known internationally. QforQuran takes along millions of people organised to read Qurans on behalf of Edhi and pray for his soul in Ramadan.

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  1. This app is a great initiative to make the Ummah read the Quran together. Love the feature where we can create events and invite friends to read with us.

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