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pyara chai wala

Pyara Chai Wala becomes popular on social media after his stunning photos published on Facebook, and now it is a hot topic of the day. He is working in a tea shop to make tea for his customers. In the past he was a fruit seller, before three months, he changes his occupation, and starts making tea in the respected shop. Now he is getting famous day by day. The real name of pyara chai wala is Arshad Khan.

Pyara Chai Wala

Arshad Khan becomes a well-known person in Pakistan and India including their social media and news channels. Indian girls consider him a handsome guy of the world because of gorgeous look. He is an attractive and cute boy especially because of his blue eyes. The age of khan is about 18 years, and after knowing that he become famous on social media, he is cheerful. He belongs to Mardan; presently he gives his services in Islamabad, and he has 17 siblings. He is keen to watch movies Pakistani and Indian films; he also likes Hollywood movies.

pyara chai wala

Pyara Chai Wala In Islamabad

A large number of girls are going to meet him and try to take selfies with him as he is a big celebrity. Khan seems to be happy after seeing his pictures and videos going viral all over the world. He belongs to a low-income family; there is no TV and computer at his home, even electricity has not reached there. The family of pyara chai wala cannot watch the popularity of pyara chai wala because of communication gap of their area with the rest world.

Arshad is working in Islamabad miles away from his family to give a better life to them. His wish is to get a chance to act in the movies, either to work in Pakistan or else anywhere in the world. While giving to answer a question by someone about his marriage, he said that he never try to think on this topic because he has two elder unmarried brothers.

After trending pics of pyara chai wala, the modeling companies give him offers to work with them, while Arshad Khan is thinking about these offers on a serious note.

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