LHC Issues Arrest Warrants For Punjab Chief Secretary

Punjab Chief Secretary zahid saeed

The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday give out bailable arrest warrants intended for Punjab Chief Secretary Zahid Saeed after he failed to appear in a contempt matter. Justice Ameer Bhatti approved the orders whereas hearing a petition filed by one Taj Din, looking for contempt records contrary to Toba Tek Singh district administration officials on their catastrophe to fulfill the court orders.

Furthermore, the court has issued the arrest warrants for the Punjab Chief Secretary of Punjab for Tuesday. As a result of an unsuccessful convenience from his respondents, this punishment has issued for Punjab Chief Secretary. Actually, they were providing evidence concerning the progress on redress of petitioner’s grievances. At the time when proceedings started, a law officer informed the court that she stated by way of her office; as the matter of the fact that the chief secretary has not been able to take part in this proceedings. On the other hand, he has not specified any substantial reason in order to excuse from this important kind of proceedings.

LHC Issues Arrest Warrants for Punjab Chief Secretary

At present, the court took a severe type of action in contradiction of Chief Secretary; for the reason that he was absent. Furthermore, he was expecting that the particular matter is going to fix today due to the convenience which he has sent in contradiction of himself. As a matter of fact, the same evidence was converted over and done with a law officer as well as the court office.

By way of contrast, the court naming the Punjab Chief Secretary to time off intentional held that it amounted on the way to disheartenment the specialist of the court. With this in mind, he intended to show the disrespect to the order for which disdain proceedings should have commenced. On the other hand, the court ordered that on behalf of the time being; simply bailable arrest warrants issued. The matter will added reserved up till October 11.

The petitioner had gathered in a line the current contempt appeal in 2011. He has submitted that he was a resident of a commercial plot computing 7-marla in the Toba Tek Singh district. Additionally, he had built a couple of shops on this piece of ground. Taj Din had tried to find action against district administration of Toba Tek Singh for not allotting him an alternative property against his shop demolished by the government.

2nd Time Petition Against Punjab Chief Secretary

On the other hand, the administration knocks down the two shops. Moreover, they regained the land, in the face of the Lahore High Court (LHC)’s confining orders in 1987. He further added concerning the petition. The petitioner stands up to that he comes within range of the Lahore High Court LHC, from side to side a disrespect petition. On top of, the defendants make it sure that the court in 1995 that he would provide accommodations. On the contrary, in a while the respondents did not think through the appeal of the supplicant, he further added.

Lahore High Court Issues Arrest Warrants For Punjab Chief Secretary

The petitioner stands up to that for a second time he filed a contempt petition in 1997. In that petition the accused voiced that the name of the supplicant had counted in the list of affectees as well as necessitating would be completed. On the other hand, no action taken even though his request in this respect, he added.

Panama Papers Verdict

As there was a lot of decision has been taken by the court in the last time, like the prime minister been disqualified days ago for the reason that he has Panama papers verdict against him. However, that decision was taken by Supreme Court, and this decision taken by The Lahore High Court (LHC).

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