PTCL Take On A Partnership With Afiniti

PTCL Take On A Partnership With Afiniti

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) take on a partnership settlement with Afiniti.  Afiniti is an applied artificial intelligence company which make over the way humans work together. In spite of the fact that Afiniti workings with customers in America and Europe; PTCL turn out to be the first company to “Go-Live” at a large scale. The facility is not only in Pakistan but also in Asia. The partnership will take along advances to the customer services besides contact center operations of PTCL.

There was a six-month duration before signing the partnership agreement. In the period a pilot project takes on to measure the success and efficiency of the Afiniti solution. Afiniti’s technology proves to be in substantial improvements during the first two months of the experimental period. In this time, PTCL’s contact center operations over and done with the intelligent pairing of agents and callers. Afiniti is now live from corner to corner PTCL’s sales platform. It is optimizing metrics for instance cross-sales, new customers, upgrades and downgrades for queues of around 600 agents.

PTCL & Afiniti

Up the next three months, the count will increase to about 1,000 agents. By the new artificial intelligence sordid system of Afiniti. PTCL will be able to attach the callers on its contact center intelligently with relevant and suitable agents. Thus, developing the quality and speed of service offered to its customers. Chief Commercial Officer of PTCL, Adnan Shahid, uttered excitement in partnering with a global company with Pakistani roots and said,

“It is truly encouraging to note that a company with its improvement team constructed out of Pakistan has made massive steps in the field of artificial intelligence. We’re overwhelmed with the foremost results. And have faith in that the technology will improve our contact center operations. PTCL is gratified by the fact that it has become at the outset customer of Afiniti’s artificial intelligence solutions in Asia.”

Managing Director of Afiniti, Sundar Bharadwaj, express his views about the partnership. He said that their company enchanted to make its first foray into Asia from side to side PTCL. He further added, “Afiniti works with topmost telecom operators in Europe and North America. However, we are enthusiastic to be working with PTCL on the project. Massive data and artificial intelligence are the solutions of next gen. And PTCL is clearly in the front position of taking up new technologies. We’re looking forward to supporting and being a part of PTCL’s journey as they help to frontrunner innovation in the country.”

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