‘Portable Mosque’ Launched For The First Time in Dubai

'Portable mosque

The first ever Portable mosque has installed into the UAE for the first time at Gala Exhibition. UAE has a lot of places inside it to fascinate its visitors. As well as the mosques of the UAE, are beautiful and well made. The concept of a ‘precious little’ portable mosque in UAE is making known to the world on Thursday through Amber Palm Group. The mosque has a lot of things inside it to fascinate. The 75% of the mosque is made up of ancient gemstone Amber. The portable mosque costs over than a million dirhams and also has an ability to be constructed in 4 to 5 hours. The model which displayed has a capacity of 2 people to pray at a time. However, its capacity can be increased according to the requirement of the buyers.

Installation Of The Portable Mosque

The first installation of the portable mosque was done at Gala Exhibition event at the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The gathering includes selected members, as Royal Family members. Ambassadors, CEO’s of the leading companies, and heads of government departments.

People don’t have an idea to use Amber without Jewelry. We take in innovation in this field, to use rare Gemstones into a different type of things. Andrew Sunko, the operational manager of Amber Palm, stated.

The mosque’s design created using geometric Mashrabiya designs over. And above traditional Arabic influences. Consequently, the lighting has been precisely planned to make the best use of the luminous quality of the rare amber pieces. Every amber piece is backlit to display the beauty of the stone.  And provide a warm, luxurious and lavish feel.

The gorgeous look in addition impression of amber’s natural shades. shades are identified; to combine the energy of the moon as well as the sun to heal body and soul astoundingly. The “Emotions” collection, in particular, is supposed to confer on the Divine’s blessings on our plans. Amber is also known to amplify the creativity and to purify the heart by altering negative into the positive energy.

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