Pomegranate Institute Cultural Evening

Pomegranate Institute

The pomegranate fruit symbolises luck starts with new devotion; they are receiving good wishes from the community. The aim of Pomegranate Institute is to provide their products to people on special events or life turning occasions such as graduation, childbirth, new job, marriages and other like them.

A small village in Greece bordering Macedonia given to Mariam Shibib in Idomeni and since the idea of Pomegranate Institute was born. As she has a residence in UAE, now she has an edge of fulfilling her goal. UAE is a country in which people with more than 200 nationalities are living with their own cultures.

Pomegranate Institute Cultural Evening

As Pomegranate can connect people through different aspects of life like language, customs, lifestyle and culture. On the 14th of January from 5 pm to 8 pm, they are proudly hosting a Cultural evening at Rasis Business Centre, Al Barsha1 in our institute. It is a cause of immense pleasure if you will participate in it and become eyewitness how their idea of holding a collection of cultures collectively take a unique appearance.

More than ten countries cultural session will take place in which volunteers will give their views about the unheard and unseen realities which will give a shock to the viewers. They will also represent different nations with their traditional foods. In this evening you will also enjoy the cultural dance and music of various countries. In the colourful cultural photo booth, you will have an opportunity to take wacky photos and record videos holding attractive riveting props. You can share these pictures and videos with your best friends, to make your visit memorable.

Founder of Pomegranate Institute, Miss Mariam Shibib

Eighteen languages offered with whole kinds of Personal and Professional Development by Pomegranate Institute. Their services extend to Hotels, Corporations, Individuals, Businesses, Government and Schools. All their training and teaching can be run as at designated premises or held at in-house programs. Miss Mariam Shibib who is the founder has worked in the humanitarian sector for more than fifteen years will available for interviews and one to one discussion. The co-founder of Pomegranate Marie-Alex Saaeva is a language tutor from the last seven years will also there at this evening, and anyone can take her interview.

Pomegranate Institute

Feel free to give them a call, and they will provide you with further information on it. Do visit their website and you will for sure find it very colourful and exciting. The vision of Pomegranate Institute is to develop an extensive communication platform that enables cosmopolitan communities to interact with confidence.

Pomegranate Institute Evening Date

January 14, 5pm to 8pm

Address and Contact Number

Rasis Business Centre,
1st floor, Dubai

Phone Number: 04-2211216

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