PIA Announced Delayed & Cancelled Flights Schedule

PIA flights cancelled and delayed

An issue of Smog all over Pakistan has been experienced in these days, and it is just not coming to an end, for this reason, a lot of things disturbed like electricity comes down and a considerable load shedding issue facing. Same is the case with PIA Flights that cannot work correctly due to smog. For an excessive smog, the visibility collapsed to near zero. Due to this, PIA flights cancelled and delayed, moreover, a changing in flight schedule has been declared. As stated by, PIA representative, attributable to the weather state of affairs dominant in the country. More or less, PIA flights functioning on Wednesday & Thursday been delayed and others cancelled.

PIA Flights Cancelled And Delayed

The weather situations are predictable to triumph on behalf of the next few days; besides these situations are afar the control of the airline. PIA is making efforts in this way to adjust the timings of flights attributable to these weather situations. As the airline cannot function flights by way of poor visibility, to keep in view all of the safety requirements.

Moreover, PIA representative said. As a result of all these difficulties, PIA flights cancelled and delayed for the upcoming, a couple of days. The following flights have been going over on Wednesday 8th November as a result of weather circumstances:

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PIA Delayed Flights (Wednesday)

  • PK 650 and PK 651 Lahore to Islamabad & Islamabad to Lahore will go amidst a delay of 2 hours.
  • PK 304 and PK 305 Karachi to Lahore & Lahore to Karachi will flight amidst a postponement of 1 hour.

PIA Cancelled Flights Details (Wednesday)

  • PK 307 Lahore to Karachi
  • PK 312 Karachi to Lahore cancelled.

For the time being, succeeding flights are going over for Thursday 9th of November by reason of anticipated contrary weather situations:

PIA Delayed Flights (Thursday)

  • PK 650 & PK 651 Lahore-Islamabad-Lahore will go with a postponement of 2 hours.
  • PK 451 & PK 452 Islamabad-Skardu-Islamabad will go 2 hours in advance of the scheduled time.

PIA Cancelled Flights (Thursday)

  • The PK 390 & PK 391 Karachi-Sukkur-Islamabad-Sukkur-Karachi
  • The PK 588 & PK 589 Karachi-Bahawalpur-Karachi
  • PK 582 & PK 583 Karachi-RahimYar Khan- Karachi
  • PK 651 & PK 652 Lahore-Bahawalpur-Lahore
  • ThePK 584 & PK 585 Karachi-Dera Ghazi Khan-Karachi

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In like manner, the passengers being up-to-date via the PIA Call Centre. Furthermore, they can approve the go through timings of flights through calling PIA on 111-786-786. Besides, PIA excuses due to the embarrassment make happen to its passengers. Passengers, correspondingly, request to deliver their contact numbers at the time of booking.

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