Panama Case Decision Announcement 2017

panama case court decision

Supreme Court has just announced the decision of the biggest case in our country’s History, PANAMA CASE. In Supreme Court, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa read the highest decision. Justice Asif Saeed Khosa declared that decision of PANAMA CASE takes place on a ‘Majority is Authority’ basis by 3/2. How they money transfers to Qatar? The question needs verification. He said that Nab Chairman looks uneager to do verifications. So he remains unsuccessful to do his work. DGFIA White Collar remains unsuccessful to investigate the crime. That’s why JIT has been created to do investigation properly about PANAMA CASE. Hassan and Hussain Nawaz will come in front of J.I.T. J.I.T will present a report in front of the same court’s bench after every a couple of weeks.

Panama Case Decision

J.I.T will Investigate

  • How Hassan and Hussain purchase flats?
  • How does the Money transfer to Qatar?

The decision consists of 547 pages in which everyone gives his opinion. Justice Aijaz Afzal Khan notes the decision. Prime Minister, Hassan and Hussain should come in front of the court. J.I.T should establish in 7 days. In J.I.T, F.I.A, NAB, and SECP would include. ISI and MI would also take part in JIT. In the decision, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Asif Saeed Khosa writes opposite note that Prime Minister would disabled. However, three judges decide to do further investigations of PANAMA CASE.

panama case court decision

Numerous Political Leaders, Lawyer Leaders, and politicians were in the Courtroom. In which Government leaders, Imran Khan and PTI’s active leaders, Leader of Jamaat e Islami Siraj ul Haq, Leader of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed included. The decision of PANAMA CASE was save from 23rd of February. After 57 days the decision is announced in court #1. Imran Khan, Sheikh Rasheed and Siraj ul Haq gave applications for PANAMA CASE. The applicators were asking to disable Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Captain Safdar, and Finance Minister Ishaq Daar.

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