Pakistan’s Population will Cross 306 Million in 2050

Pakistan's Population will Cross 306 Million By 2050

The overall population of the world is rising day by day. The average birth rate of the world is normal, but the average death rate is decreasing because of advancement in technology. Due to this current scenario, the population of the world is increasing very rapidly. United Nations stated that in the mid of the calendar year 2017 the population of the world is about 7.6 billion. They also expressed that in 2015 the world’s population will grow to 9.8 billion. But the thinking point for Pakistanis is that Pakistan’s population will touch to the markup of 306 million in 2050. Above is the alarming situation for the think tankers and common people of Pakistan for coming the year 2050.

Pakistan’s Population will Cross 306 Million in 2050

If we put an eye on last twelve years, we added one billion individuals to the world population. According to the calculations, 6% population living in North America & Oceania, 9% in the Caribbean and Latin America, 10% in Europe, seventeen percent in Africa. The major population which is about 60% of the total population is living in Asia.

Population Non-Stop Rise

According to the report, “In accordance to the recent past the world population in growing little bit slowly. The global population increases with the rate of 1.24% per year in last decade. Whereas, now this growth rate is 1.10% per year by adding annually 83 million people.”

These reports said that the population of the world would reach to about 9.8 billion and in the year 2100 it will touch the figure of 11.2 billion.

Population Patterns Expected in 2050

China and India are the two most populated countries of the world respectively, and up to 2050, they will hold their positions. But with the passage of time, India will beat China as a highly populated country in the world. Pakistan is the 5th most crowded country in the world, whereas, until 2050 Nigeria will overtake Pakistan. On the other hand, during the time from 2017 t0 2050 Europe’s population will decrease relative to other regions.

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