Pakistan Loses Hong Kong Sixes Final But Win Hearts

Pakistan Loses Hong Kong Sixes Final But Win Hearts

Here is another great event was ended and leaves great impacts on the audience of it. Pakistan delight in an astounding winning vein in the Hong Kong Sixes tournament previously in front of South Africa in the final match; which done in the winning line in a nail-biting thriller. Basically, Hong Kong Super Sixes Cricket tournament played once a year; it is a cricketing occasion which used to play at Kowloon Cricket Club, Hong Kong on every single year. There is every time a couple of groups that consists of 4 teams each group. In the two pools, different teams selected. In the pool of Pakistan, the teams of Hong Kong, South Africa, and Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) contained within. The second pool takes in the teams of Australia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka. India has not taken part in this competition for this time.

Hong Kong Sixes Final Results

Pakistan Squad

Pakistan was well-prepared, above all on the bowling front.

  • Sohail Tanvir (c)
  • Sahibzada Farhan (k)
  • Anwar Ali
  • Sohail Khan
  • Hammad Azam
  • Mohammad Sami

Pakistan was overwhelming in the group stages, in the way to win all of their matches. Hammad Azam top-scored on behalf of Pakistan through 144 runs at a strike level of 342.85; On the other hand, Sohail Tanvir also do very well and was very near to Azam with 142 runs on 355.00.

Here’s run-down of Pakistan’s performance.

  • 1st Match of Pakistan in Hong Kong Sixes

Pakistan vs. Hong Kong

Pakistan score, 92/2 (5/5 overs); Hong Kong score, 66/1 (5/5 overs)

Pakistan won the competition by 26 runs

  • 2nd Match of Pakistan in Hong Kong Sixes

Pakistan vs. South Africa

South Africa bat first and score 74 (5/5 overs); Pakistan score 78/2 (3.3/5 overs)

Pakistan won the match in 4th over by completing the task of 74 runs

• 3rd Match of Pakistan in Hong Kong Sixes

Pakistan vs. MCC

Marylebone Cricket Club score 83 (5/5 overs), and Pakistan score 85/2 (4/5 overs)

After bowling out the opposition for 83, Pakistan hunted down the target with some massive hitting

  • 4th Match of Pakistan in Hong Kong Sixes

Pakistan vs. MCC

Pakistan score 112/2 (5/5 overs); and Marylebone Cricket Club score 95/1 (5/5 overs)

Pakistan with no trouble secured their score of 112/2, and win by 17 runs

  • Semi-Final of Hong Kong Sixes

Pakistan vs. Australia

Pakistan score 115/2 (5/5 overs); and Australia score 80/3 (5/5 overs)

  • Final of Hong Kong Sixes

Pakistan vs. South Africa

For each over contains eight balls in the final match

Pakistan score 123/6 (4.5/5 overs), and South Africa score 124/4 (5/5 overs)

Pakistan remains unsuccessful to use their assigned part of bowling, getting bowled out with three balls to spare. Sohail Khan smashed 46 from 14 (while batting all alone) while Hammad Azam scored 41 off 12 balls. It proved to be a nervy chase when Sohail Khan was at his prime best, having to cover only 17 from 8 balls. South Africa required four runs from the last ball when the hero of the chase Swanepoel scooped the ball right over the bowler’s head, and the ball dropped down to the front, courtesy of the field-set by Pakistani captain. No one was fielding straight, and South Africa led away amidst the Trophy for the 5th time.

Pakistan Loses Hong Kong Sixes Final But Win Hearts

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Pakistan has succeeded the tournament five times, that is the joint highest accompanied with England and South Africa.

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