Pakistan To Host First Davis Cup In February

Pakistan To Host First Davis Cup In February

Pakistan has got the green light to host its first Davis Cup tennis tie at home for 12 years; later being required to play at impartial venues because of security fears. International sporting events are held at this time on a very less rate; in the country clashed a home-based insurgency for a few years. Pakistan is facing accompanied with foreign teams experiencing fears since 9/11 attacks; taken place in the United States.
Furthermore, a 2009 aggressive attack on the bus of Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore; efficiently stuck down Pakistan’s chance. In like manner; the international matches stopped for a time in six years. Afterwards, Zimbabwe visited Pakistan for cricket matches in 2015. On the other hand; the low-profile tour comes to be an unsuccessful effort; on the way to international game opening in Pakistan.

As an alternative, Pakistan is playing all most essential sports at unbiased venues. The cricket matches Pakistan is playing in the United Arab Emirates, same is the case with tennis; country teams are playing in opponent’s countries. On the other hand, Khalid Rehmani, who is Pakistan Tennis Federation secretary; said the International Tennis Federation (ITF); has specified them the permission to host a Davis Cup tie in contradiction of Iran; The matches will be played in Islamabad in the month of February succeeding year.

“We welcome the announcement that is going to help tennis in Pakistan,” stated Rehmani.

First Davis Cup To Be Held In February by Pakistan

Pakistan To Host First Davis Cup In February

Pakistan most recent compered a Davis Cup tie in Islamabad contrary to New Zealand in the year 2004. However, it was forced to play its Group I play-off tie in Christchurch; New Zealand which they lost 5-0 in September this year. Rehmani looks forward to a good security facility, and there would be no problem regarding it. “Security has developed,” he said, totaling that the PTF decided the same level of safety; as would be provided to a traveling international president.

“Pakistan has lately received three international squash matches in Islamabad. As a result, the condition is favorable presently,” he said. The Group II tie among Iran will be played from 3 to 5 February. The Pakistan Cricket Board declared it would receive the final of their Twenty20 league; the Pakistan Super League, inside Lahore next year in March. The inaugural period of the league this year was obtained in the UAE

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