OFC KPK – The Unique Optic Fiber Cable in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Optic Fiber Cable approved for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the unique project of Optic Fiber Cable approved by Universal Service Fund. The Project was scheduled and approved in the course of a board meeting held in Islamabad today. The new Optic Fiber Cable titled as OFC KPK. Regarding details about Optic Fiber Cable will stretch across 145 kilometres. Besides, it will attach 29 Tehsils and 19 towns with a population of a millions number of people. OFC KPK Programmer extended over several phases and 830 Kilometres of the Optic Fiber. And it will placed all the way through the province.

In consort with this, an excellent project respectively. The project of Broadband for Low-income women was also permitted. Under the plan, a maximum of 30,000 smartphones will distribute amongst women, the Recipients of BISP within eight districts of Baluchistan.

The Unique Optic Fiber Cable in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The three most important broadband for maintainable development projects takes into consideration for the duration of the meeting of the USF Board of Directors. Broadband for Sustainable Development Assignment Karan-Washuk Lot bestowed to Pak Telecom Mobile Limited. The Project will be beneficial for an un-served population of around 222,000. The project covers 289 unserved Mauzas and an unserved zone of 35,100 sq. kms.

One more Broadband aimed at sustainable development project on all sides of Dera Bugti Lot. This project also bestowed to Pak Telecom Mobile Limited. The Project will attend an un-served population of about 333,100. In addition, it covers 396 unserved Mauzas and an unserved zone of 16,500 sq. kms.

The Board also agreed to start the establishment of computer labs. Besides to deliver skills development training in all schools for girls of the ICT region via “ICT for Girls initiative”. The program titled as ‘Establishment of Computer Labs in Government Girls Schools in Rural Areas of Islamabad Capital Territory. ICT will digitalize 138 girl’s schools under this programme. Approximately 110,000 girls will be skilled with the IT skills. Further administrative and corporate matters of USF Co likewise taken into consideration through the Board of Directors.

Board members the Secretary of IT; Mr Rizwan Bashir Khan, Mr Aamir Ibrahim; CEO Jazz, Member of Telecom; Mr Mudassar Hussain, Chairman PTA; Dr Ismail Shah, President and CEO PTCL; Mr Daniel Ritz and senior management of USF Co as well be present in the meeting.

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