Optasia Easy Life for Blinds made by Pakistani Students

Optasia - Pakistani Students

A group of three Pakistani students at COMSATS University from a final semester of Software Engineering department made a groundbreaking idea for blinds. Optasia shows Pakistani students’ innovation. A navigation system developed for blind people and visually challenged.

Optasia (Easy Life for Blinds)

Smartphone Product of Pakistani Students for Blinds

The Pakistani students Hashim Naveed, Faizan Shabbir and Javeria Rasheed, come with the idea of Optasia for blind people, after viewing how they treated in society. It is the first time when someone devotes his efforts for the disabled individuals with some technology which used commonly. To solve the problem of blind people, which they face worldwide. Here are the brilliants students from COMSATS who decided to develop a product for the blind people. Altogether it works quickly from point A to point B.
Javeria Rasheed (a member of the group) elaborates;

‘Still our project is in the testing phase but we have decided to made it marketable this final year, so it becomes a blessing in disguise for less fortunate’.

On the whole, it is a very simple product it just needs a Smartphone then you have to install the product on that and sync with customizable Cane. Then Smartphone will be mounted on that customized Cane. It has four sonar systems which placed on the left, right, front and the upper side of the cane. In the end, the hand glove attached to it.

When anyone open Optasia in the Smartphone, it automatically detects through GPS the location of the blind person. It also recognizes the voice of a blind person. And when he speaks about the destination, the application identified the optimal path. After selection of path the Smartphone Camera guide blind person to the destination.

Optasia Features:

This application also features auto detection of the obstacles in the way and informs the blind person about that.
While Camera is helping to the destination it also through digital image processing and its voice recognition system, it reports the blind person about incoming obstacles.

There is another method of auto detection of obstacles using its four sonar sensors which are equipped on the glove always alert about surrounding. It sends a vibration on the respective side of the glove.


Four Conditions of Vibration informing Obstacles:

Optasia has four conditions respectively:
1. If the vibration felt at the index finger, its mean that Obstacle is at lower front.
2. If the vibration felt on the thumb, it means that obstacle is at upper front.
3. If the vibration felt on Pinkie, it means that Obstacle is on left side.
4. If the vibration felt on top of the glove, it means that Obstacle is on the right side.

Now the world is busy in marketing, business and capitalizing ideas the great work of the three for the betterment of the blinds is truly impressive. This great job will help blind people for engaging them with new technology, and they will feel comfortable going anywhere.

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