Nidhi Kumar Exclusive Interview by Amara Abeer

Nidhi Kumar

Nidhi Kumar a Dance Choreographer, YouTuber, Actor & Model based in Dubai. Pursuing a full-time career in making Dance Videos on Youtube with 3 Million + Total Views & 25,000 subscribers, doing all types of Dance Choreographies & Performing Arts. An exclusive interview of Nidhi Kumar with MirchMasalaTV is here.

Nidhi Kumar Exclusive Interview

MMT: What is your business nowadays?
NK: I am currently on my way to becoming a “Dance-Preneur”.

MMT: Can you choreograph any music or does it have to be something you like?
NK: No limit, every piece of music is unique and has a potential to create masterpieces.
It can depend on the style of dancing needed though.

MMT: Can you choreograph a dance without music?
NK: Of course! Your body can make your own music; it all depends on what you’re experiencing at that time & are not afraid to express yourself. I dance in malls, restaurants in almost every place without music, haha.

MMT: How did you decide to become a choreographer?
NK: Dancing is a big part of my life since I was a kid, thanks to my parents. Slowly it started to become one of the things I truly live for, and my only dream is to make everybody dance, it genuinely makes you happy. I guess my love and passion for sharing the joy of dance was something that made me to take up choreography as a career.

MMT: How hard is it to find a way to express yourself according to what you have on your mind?
NK: For me, there’s no better way to express oneself other than Dance. Whether I’m happy, sad or angry, I dance because it’s the best release. It’s not that hard to show what’s on your mind through dance, all you have to do is feel.

MMT: Was there any person who had a great impact on your decision to become a choreographer?
NK: Not as such as one person, but from the beginning, my family has always been a big support system for my love of dancing. They were less thrilled when I decided to leave the secure life for a full-time career in performing arts, but they always stuck through.

MMT: What are your other hobbies?
NK: I have a big interest in social media and its workings, love playing basketball when I can. Besides, I like to create acting monologues, reading & researching for the new songs to make dance videos on them.

MMT: Who is your idol?
NK: I foresee myself as a successful choreographer influencing people all around the world. I think that version of who I want to be is my biggest idol. But I certainly look up to the dancers nowadays who are making a mark for themselves using social media and showing their talents to the people in the right way.

MMT: Give a message to upcoming talent
NK: The single thing I would tell them to is to keep working hard towards what they love and never give up. Don’t waste time on something you do not truly want because at the end it’s all about what provides you happiness & will make you happy forever.

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