Nadia Siddiqui Interview by Rubab Sahar

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Nadia Siddiqui is good event planner and she is performing her duties in UAE. Mirch Masala TV representative miss Rubab Sahar meet her to take her interview for her fans. Here we are going to share Nadia Siddiqui interview in the below lines.

Nadia Siddiqui (Event Planner) Interview by Rubab Sahar

Mirch Masala TV : MMT

Nadia Siddiqui : NS

MMT: How has your education prepared you for a career as an event planner? Nadia, what you think what is event planning, is it a game of anybody? How far you are in this field?

NS: I have done my degree in events and marketing, so that has really helped me learn the techniques even better. Event planning is a big responsibility which takes the month of planning and gets only one or two days to execute it. I would say it is not anybody game, it takes a lot of effort, patients hard work and dedication and a lot of people lose interest halfway and leave it. I have been in this field since 2010.

MMT: Why you choose this profession Nadia, there are a lot of other businesses in the world? Is there any family background behind selecting event planning as a profession?

NS: Well, I am a people person and love being around people. Also, I am definitely very outgoing and creative person by nature, and this was just the right field for me.

As for the family background, my family have always been connected very closely to Bollywood and also have my great grandfather Hazrat Behzad Laknawi who use to write the songs for Bollywood and was a great poet too.

MMT: Which type of events you are interested in planning? Social events? Corporate events? Tell us also why?

NS: We are clear in our set goals and have broadly divided our work streams into two – corporate and commercial events. I love the corporate side of event deliverables as I get to be more hands-on with creatives, concept design, and execution.

For kicks, a few commercial events come by in a year just to add some spice, but otherwise, it’s corporate events all the way!

MMT: As a girl did you face any resistance from your parents or family to come in this field?

NS: I was extremely fortunate in this as I didn’t face any issues in taking up this career. In fact, my family always believed in my potential (perhaps even more than me at times) and pushed me to do my best. Today, I am what am thanks to my family’s constant support and unconditional love.

MMT: You know our society is known as men’s society, have you found men with their bad dimension? If you see this kind of people, how you treat them?

NS: It’s tough out there, but this is just how it’s been since the beginning of time. One has to be level-headed and not let any negative incidents/comments affect you too much. Not all but most men are uncomfortable around a woman in power. They have fragile egos. Play to your strength, and you’ll command respect.

MMT: What experience do you have with promoting events (through ads, social promotion, banners, etc.? In your opinion, which medium is best for this kind of promotion?

NS: In today’s digital age, traditional media is slowly fading away, although radio is a powerful medium in this market. We enjoy a tremendous working relationship with all our vendors including leading newspapers and magazines, and so it’s a fairly mix bag.

We make efficient use of various social media platforms to ensure a mass outreach depending on the kind of event and audience. Our primary interaction comes from Facebook and Instagram. You can follow us there for news on all our upcoming projects.

MMT: Describe one or two themed events that you have arranged. What type of details and actions did you include to complement the theme?

NS: Every event needs to have character. We must take our guests through an exciting experiential journey each time whether it’s a concert, private event, product launch, etc. Each theme inspired by inputs from the client and their personality, and we create memorable experiences out of them.

MMT: Nadia what is the most significant event (based on budget or number of attendees) you have ever planned or assisted with planning?

NS: The most notable event of my career was DJ Tiesto Live at Dubai World Trade Center in 2015. It attracted over 8000 people and a massive production delivery. I take it as a great learning experience for me and loved a bit of it ever. It won the best concert of the year at the Middle East Event Awards, 2016.

MMT: Have you face any severe kind of problem in any event, if yes what was that and how you overcome from that situation?

NS: Every event is full of challenges and is different from each other. We also have faced unpleasant situations, but the only way to fix it is to stay calm and not panic. A level-head gets the thing done more efficiently than a panic-stricken one.

MMT: In your profession, you have to deal all kind of clients with different nature. Have you faced any client who gives you stress all the time and how you deal him/her?

NS: Now that’s an interesting question. Yes, of course, we come across clients who are very demanding or are most stressful before the event. It’s our job to ease their nerves and walk them through the process that they’re in good hands.

Communication is key, and you should try and share visual representations of every aspect of the event as much as you can continuously. Share progress reports daily and never say No directly. Clients are delicate. Just handle with care and a big smile.

MMT: As an event planner you must be a multi-handling person, have you manage more than one event at the same time? Did you successfully handle all those or you skipped anyone?

NS: We’re selective in the projects we take up. There must be a balance while juggling multiple events, as you need to allocate dedicated time and effort for each. So, while I do work on multiple projects simultaneously, I don’t overload myself with every project query. You have to pick and choose wisely.

MMT: For planning events, you have to move towards different cities, my question is that how you develop relations with vendors in new cities?

NS: Currently, our core operations are in U.A.E. only, and we intend to serve this market to the best of our capabilities. Modern communication tech today allows us to be more close-knit than ever before and everyone is a WhatsApp & Skype call away.

MMT: In your opinion, working individually or as a team is better in event planning?

NS: Without a doubt, effective teamwork is the essential element of a successful event delivery. A strong-minded and passionate collective drive is crucial to the growth of the agency and as individuals in our own personal space.

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