IPL 51st Match 2017 Scorecard and Summary | Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab

Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab match summary

The 51st match of Indian Premier League 2017 Edition was held at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai on 11th of May 2017 b/w Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab. Kings XI Punjab won the game by seven runs. Mumbai Indians won the toss of the 51st match of IPL and chose to bat first. The team made 230 runs as a whole in their innings including 93 runs in 55 balls saving his wicket till the innings end. In the second innings,     Mumbai Indians didn’t chase the task, and they made 223 runs in all of their 20 overs. W Saha of Kings XI Punjab won the player of the match award because of his unbeatable 93 scores.

Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab Match Summary

Kings XI Punjab Innings (20 overs)

M Guptillc Pandya b Sharma361851200
W Sahanot out9355113169.09
G Maxwellb Bumrah472125223.8
S Marshc Patel b McClenaghan251602156.25
A Patelnot out191301146.15
Extra10(lb 1, w 6, nb 3)
Total230(3 wickets in 20 overs)(11.50 runs / over)
Not BatM Vohra, MM Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, R Tewatia, I Sharma, MJ Henry

Mumbai Indians Bowling, Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab

 H Pandya229014.5332
M McClenaghan454113.5471
J Bumrah424161030
S Malinga445011.25522
K Sharma332110.66422
H Singh345015115

Mumbai Indians Innings (Target: 231 runs)

L Simmonsc M Guptill b Maxwell593254184.37
P Patelc Vohra b M Sharma382370165.21
N Ranac M Guptill b Patel121220100
R Sharmac M Guptill b Tewatia570071.42
K Pollardnot out502415208.33
H Pandyac Saha b S Sharma301304230.76
K Sharmab M Sharma19631316.66
H Singhnot out240050
Extra8(lb 2, nb 1, w 5,)
Total223(6 wickets in 20 overs)(11.15 runs / over)
Not BatJJ Bumrah, MJ McClenaghan, SL Malinga

Kings XI Punjab Bowling, Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab

S Sharma442110.5841
MJ Henry240020234
I Sharma32909.66850
M Sharma457214.25664
A Patel32819.33603
G Maxwell2814500
R Tewatia21718.5502

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