2nd Qualifier Match 2017 Scorecard and Summary | Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders

Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders match summary

As a final point, the 2nd Qualifier match has been ended, and the two teams wrap up for the final competition. In the game, Mumbai Indians won the toss and in the second place chose to field first. Kolkata Knight Riders start the match, and all team out on a score of 107 runs in 18.5 overs. The whole score numbers of Kolkata Knight Riders, 31 of Yadav, 28 of Jaggi, 12 of Gambhir and 10 of Narine are included.

Consequently, in the innings of Mumbai Indians, they made a score of 111 runs in just 14.3 overs. As a result, Mumbai Indians beat Kolkata Knight Riders by six wickets with 33 balls remaining. KV Sharma from Mumbai Indians won the player of the match award.

The two teams which are comes for the final are:
Rising Pune Supergiant and Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders Match Scorecard

Kolkata Knight Riders Innings (20 overs)

C Lynnc Pollard b Bumrah480050
S Narinest Patel b KV Sharma101001100
G Gambhirc HH Pandya b K Sharma12152080
R Uthappalbw b Bumrah130033.33
I Jaggic Johnson b KV Sharma28313090.32
C Grandhommelbw b KV Sharma01000
S Yadavc Malinga b Bumrah312521124
P Chawlac Rayudu b Johnson260033.33
Coulter-Nilec H Pandya b Johnson6401150
U Yadavnot out230066.66
A Rajpootb Malinga471057.14
Extra7(lb 3, w 4)
Total107(all team out 18.5 overs)(5.68 runs / over)

Mumbai Indians Bowling, Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders

M Johnson428271321
J Bumrah3732.331410
S Malinga3.52416.261121
K Sharma416441210
K Pandya32508.33521
H Pandya1404300

Mumbai Indians Innings (Target: 108 runs)

L Simmonslbw b Chawla3-60050
P Patelc Uthappa b U Yadav14-930155.55
A Rayudub Chawla6110054.54
R Sharmac A Rajpoot b Coulter-Nile262411108.33
K Pandyanot out453080150
K Pollardnot out9710128.57
Extra8(lb 4, w 4)
Total111 (4 wickets in 14.3 overs)(7.65 runs / over)
Not BatMG Johnson, KV Sharma, HH Pandya, JJ Bumrah, SL Malinga

Kolkata Knight Riders Bowling, Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders

U Yadav2.32319.2640
P Chawla43428.5941
N Coulter-Nile31515600
S Narine42105.251330
A Rajpoot114014020

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