Muhammad Ali Perfumes Launch in Burj Al Arab, Dubai UAE

Muhammad Ali Perfumes launched in Dubai

The Muhammad Ali Perfumes launched at the BURJ Al Arab in Dubai last night. The Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum launched this product. Mr. Ahmed Hashim Khoory, Founder & Mariam Othman, Director General of Rashid Centre for the Disabled were also there. Moreover, HE Hussain Al Mahmoud – the CEO of AUS Enterprise, Chairman and the Board Members of UAE Boxing Federation, Diplomats, other VIPs and Elite CEO Clubs Members attend this launching.

Muhammad Ali Perfumes

Muhammad Ali a Ring Fighter

All his life the Greatest Boxer ever Muhammad Ali was a fighter a, in the ring as well as out of the ring. In the start of his career, he becomes a champion boxer. Ali’s charisma and commitment to social and political causes saw him transcend boxing to become popular people on the earth. He was purely an artistic icon. Ali’s passion, intelligence, skill, and wit gave him worldwide fame.

Muhammad Ali Perfumes launched in Dubai

The Muhammad Ali Perfume is a tribute to his charisma, commitment, and passion. Furthermore the Muhammad Ali Perfumes based on seven exclusive fragrances under two different lines “Legend” and “Legacy.” Each line has different scents named “Rounds” and comes with an original glass bottle shaped like a boxing glove. Moreover, it has a cap finished by hand with a leather lace. Each fragrance has its own colored lace.

Muhammad Ali Enterprises LLC Agreement with DBI Innovations UK Ltd

DBI Innovations UK Ltd is a company incorporated in London since 2008. They signed a long-term agreement with the Muhammad Ali Enterprises LLC. The passion of this collision is to make an original perfume collection with Muhammad Ali’s image and signature. DBI Innovations UK Ltd produces in England the Muhammad Ali Perfume where it will be launch on next October in London.

The Company decides to donate to the Rashid Centre for Disabled Children an amount for every single item sold. The Rashid Centre for Disabled Children is a Dubai-based non-profit entity that delivers a teaching and therapy curriculum that enables disabled children to take progressive steps towards enjoyment in learning and the achievement of their own aspirations and dreams. With this initiative, Muhammad Ali’s humanitarian vision embraces the Rashid Centre and its specialists (teachers, therapists, psychologist), helping them build a better future for children with special needs.

Muhammad Ali Perfumes launched in Dubai

DBI Innovations UK Ltd have also signed an agreement with CEO Clubs Network Worldwide which is the largest business elite networking organization in the world. CEO Club Networks gather over 16 000 CEOs member around the world. The introduction of Muhammad Ali Perfume, among such network, is meant to prolong the legacy of such legend within the corporate world. Numerous entrepreneurs still use Muhammad Ali’s quote and winning spirit to lead their companies to success.

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