Anil Kapoor And Arjun Kapoor Hoping Utmost Concerning Mubarakan


In a glittering event, two stars Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor showed up together on the stage in Dubai to promote Mubarakan. Bollywood movie is on its way, and the final promotional event was held in Dubai. The movie has some plus points like casts Real Uncle and nephew together in the film. Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor will perform leading roles in the movie. The leading female stars are beautiful Ileana D’Cruz and charming Athiya Shetty. In the event, the director of Mubarakan was also present there.

Anil & Arjun About Mubarakan

“I am visiting Dubai for over and above 30 years now and the positivity which I find here that is tremendous.” stated Anil Kapoor. He feels great to work with his nephew Arjun on top. The nephew, Arjun Kapoor bring out into the open that; It was his wish and happy to a great extent while working with his uncle. He stated ‘I always want to do work with Anil Chachu. In addition to being associated with him in any way. Furthermore, it was his trust in me and my work that he suggested my name to play a double role in Mubarakan. It meant a great deal for the reason that he is known not to mince words when required.” Arjun Added.


Arjun plays the double role in the movie, the role of Karan Singh Bajwa and Charan Singh Bajwa both are twins and have an uncle (who is a real uncle, Anil Kapoor). The uncle name is Kartar Singh Bajwa. Karan lives in London. However, Charan resides in Punjab. Both love someone but don’t have an ability to reveal the truth.’

Athiya Shetty expresses her views about movie “I see to a certain extent a little of Sweety in me. She is quite a firecracker. Furthermore, I think that immediately illustrated me to playing in Mubarakan.” All of the Mubarakan characters expressed their thinking and good expectations about the movie. The movie is released.

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