Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft Surface Phone

Have you experienced the New Microsoft Surface Phone? Not yet, then come to know the innovative, unique, and distinctive phone which has extended most features along with a look which inspires well. This special phone is coming to win the race of smartphones. Is your mobile hangs or slow down after installing remarkable applications? Here is the extended 8GB Ram moves your smartphone so fast than ever. Top mobiles before this release have just 6 GB of Ram as iPhone 7s.

Microsoft Surface Phone Features

Microsoft Surface phone with its 5.7 inches display features 64-bit Intel processor. The wide screen helps you view everything crystal clear and magnified. Another most facilitating feature for photo lovers, a 21Mp rear-facing camera. The bright and clear camera to take snaps everywhere, at every moment as and when needed basis.

Its main feature is of zero Camera Leaks so you can expect big things from Super Camera of Microsoft Surface Phone. The Camera has an arrangement of Intel Real Sense so could capture 3D images. Microsoft made the phone HoloLens as well as Windows Holographic, so capture and import 3D images to windows with your smartphone. Microsoft Surface phone runs on Windows 10 the expected Final version of Windows as told by Microsoft. So this mobile isn’t going away soon. Will play a significant role on mobile, while another new Microsoft Wallet mobile payments system introduced to race with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Microsoft Surface Phone

The internal memory space is also much much long-drawn-out at 500GB, no need to buy a laptop or anything else when you have Microsoft’s masterpiece within your hands. You have everything in much-improved version to you. The precious, exquisite, unique look a new all-metal visual adopted. The phone is expected to be released in the half of 2017. Its expected price is $699 – $1,100. The device is a collection of all features, with exclusivity, and rareness.

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