Microsoft Present World’s Ultimate Game Console Xbox One X

Microsoft Xbox one X

Microsoft has just exposed its vital power packed Xbox one X. It is displayed revealing the most powerful console ever made. The company has just announced that Xbox one X will be available in all over the world on 7th of November. The cost of this game console is announced as $449. The Microsoft product is codenamed as Project Scorpio. The look of the product is close to its 4K capable forerunner Xbox One S. The new one device is a bit smaller than the previous one however it has more power inside it.

The Xbox One X comes with a striking six teraflops of graphics power. It is enhanced one than the previous 4.2 teraflops of Play Station 4 Pro. It means that the graphics will load in a less time. The gamers will experience the more quality of visual while using Xbox One X.

Xbox One X Features

Microsoft Xbox one X

The device supports an ultra-high definition of 4K gaming. However, having so much competition with others, it needs to offer captivating games. Microsoft Oblique at the exclusive series of 4K which includes Crackdown 3, Forza Motorsport 7, and Super Lucky’s Tale. The beneficial thing for the new Xbox One X is that the accessories of previous versions are used to with this release. The device comes with one terabyte of built-in storage and an ultra HD the Blue Ray drive to save you 4K videos and shows.

Xbox one X comes after a time of over than three years of the Xbox one. The gamers have no option to use old games and nor they can trade the old ones for new games. To display the abilities of the upgraded console, the developer of Turn 10 studios disclosed its upcoming driving sim Forza Motorsport 7 on a massive 4K screen in the auditorium. The game was impressive when a show on a high 4K resolution with 60 frames/ sec., in Fact, the game console is the perfect one for the gamers to play with an extended amount of features.

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