How To Choose Perfect Matha Patti For Your Face

Matha Patti Designs
Matha Patti Designs

The Matha Patti, the fancy Jewelry to make you more special on every occasion, however, it is considered best for Bride to wear Matha Patti. The jewelry looks traditional, and now it’s the most famous one. Young girls like to wear it on wedding, Mehndi and Walima occasions. It is the fanciful thing to wear on the forehead. It covers the edges between forehead and hair line along with a Matha tikka. Now it varies according to styles, as it is long sometimes but sometimes short. Sometime Matha Patti is find in half form. The two three or four layers also have this beautiful jewelry. There are so many Matha Patti Designs in the market nowadays for everyone.

Matha Patti Designs 2017

Matha Patti Designs

It is used to wear regarding the color of the dress and dress design also. Every person has a different face shape, and what we wear it matters regarding face shape. Matha Patti Designs suits you when you wear according to your face shape. First of all, you have to check out your face shape properly then you can come to know the perfect Matha Patti for you.

Long Face

The long face needs wideness so apply broad Matha Patti.

Oval Face Shape

The Oval face shape considered the best one shape of the faces. The Oval face shape is the most versatile and proportionate of all shapes. All styles of Matha Patti will suits on this face shape.

Round Face Matha Patti Designs

Matha Patti Designs for round face should extend in length. Due to the circle form, the lengthy Matha Patti Designs will suits on it most.

Square Face

Square face form has strong jaw bone and cheek bones. Half Matha Patti style will suit on this form of the face. It will part face and make less the effect.

Heart Shaped

The heart shaped face have a broad forehead and a good face shape as a whole. A multi-layer Matha Patti will suit on it the best.

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