How To Make Hair Curly Naturally At Home

How to make hair curly naturally at home

How To Make Straight Hair Curly Naturally At Home

Hair care is a general term for hygiene and cosmetics, incorporating the hair growing from the human scalp, and to a lesser extent of facial hair, pubic and other body hairs. Hair care routines and hair types differ depending on the culture of an individual or the physical characteristics of hair. Some people like straight hairs, some like stylish which some have the interest in keeping his/her hairs curly. To make hairs curly, different people do different practices, as some make their hairs curly using artificial techniques and some people want to make hair curly naturally. We are going to discuss and explain, how to make hair curly naturally at home?

There are different types of curls, and each method mentioned below will give you naturally but different curl looking.

Make Hair Curly Naturally Method 1

Shampoo your hair with quality shampoo to wash them, then brush them with a wide toothed hair brush. Then take any hair product to curl hairs by applying it to hairs. Then make at least two parts of your hairs, it would be extended to four six or eight parts for better results.

how to make hair curly naturally at home

Start braiding every part separately; tight twist will give you perfect results. You can make different style braid like French or twist your braid at the end for more curls.

Leave your hair overnight for best results or till they dry. After drying, you can take out braids but does not use hair brush or comb this will skip curls. Just fluff them with your fingers.

Make Hair Curly Naturally Method 2

First of all, clean your hair by washing them, and brush them properly. Then apply good quality gel on them. Take a small amount of hairs in one hand and roll them in a hard or soft roller.

how to make hair curly naturally at home

Now wait till your hair dry, or you can dry them with a hairdryer. Then take off rollers from hair this will give beautiful results.

Make Hair Curly Naturally Method 3

Take some rages of soft cloth like socks, T-shirts, and cut them into strips. Their size will not be too short or too long; it must be perfect so that you can quickly roll your hairs with them. At the start, you should clean your hairs hair by washing with shampoo after then apply a quality conditioner on them. Dry them properly because wet hair cannot transform into our required shape.

how to make hair curly naturally at home

After drying hairs and getting them ready for actions, then take hair product like gel and apply it to all your hairs. Make two broad sections of your hair then take a small amount of your hair in your hand. Start wrapping this little amount of hair on one strip-like piece of cloth in the middle of fabric leaving both sides empty, wrap till you reach your scalp. Then tie both ends of fabric with knot tight.

Leave them to dry but if you are in a hurry, dry them with a hairdryer. Open knots, and you will see that your hairs will transform hair curly naturally.

Make Hair Curly Naturally Method 4

An easy method for natural curls using Bobby pins. These bobby pins are always in the list of women essentials, so there is no need to purchase something extra. This method is very useful, and it will be helpful without using any gel but if you have silky hair then apply some gel for roughness.

As usual, wash your hair then apply some gel then roll your hairs using fingers. While rolling them on the finger, when scalp reached, take out your finger from hairs and bound them by applying bobby pins in a cross shape. How to make hair curly naturally at homeThen wait at least 3 hours or wait till dry. When hair becomes dry, take off bobby pins and do not comb your hairs, just treat hair gently. This method will give you hair curly naturally.

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