Interview of Mahira Khan with Rubab Sahar

Mahira Khan Interview with Rubab

Mahira Khan is a Pakistani actress and is known for her convincing acting in Pakistani Drama Serials like Hamsafar and Shehr-e-Zaat. Whereas she also got massive fame for her work in Indian movie Raees, Shah Rukh Khan was her hero. On the other hand, she also shows her influential acting infamous Pakistani movies like Bol, Bin Roye, Actor in Law, Verna, and few others. Moreover, Mahira Khan also hosts several Pakistani TV shows in her careers like MTV’s Most Wanted, 10th Lux Style Awards and Weekends with Mahira. A few days back Mahira Khan visited Dubai for her new project’s promotional tour. Mirch Masala TV member Miss Rubab Sahar catch her in Dubai to take her interview. Here we are going to share Mahira Khan Interview with Mirch Masala TV.

MMT: Mirch Masala TV

M.K: Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan Interview by Rubab Sahar

MMT: Mahira welcome to Dubai, recently your movie “Verna” was released last month. It was on aired worldwide like UK, UAE, and Pakistan and your fans enjoyed its every scene. My question is what is your experience to work with Shoaib Mansoor in Verna?

M.K: Again and again we use to say that Shoaib Mansoor is really a big name. His name is significant because his work is not reliable for that time when it releases but it will hit the hearts of people after a decade of its release. Even today we are talking about Fifty Fifty, Ankahi, Alpha Bravo Charlie and movies like Bol & Khuda k liye. In fact, Shoaib Mansoor told me a point that those writers who use to say negative about Verna they will see that after twenty years they will see the standings of Verna.

Mahira Khan Interview with Rubab

MMT: You work with Pakistani as well as Indian directors, what thing you feel different in Shoaib Mansoor?

M.K: Will I tell you one thing? Every director is different from each other, I swear. There is no difference of India or Pakistan; the difference varies from director to director and actor to actor. Your nationality doesn’t affect your acting else of your speaking style.

MMT: As Pakistani directors and producers release many good films from day to day, so, I want to ask that according to Mahira what the future of Pakistani film industry is.

M.K: According to me that future of Pakistani film industry is very bright. I also feel that at this time we are in a very good position that everybody is trying to give a new thing.

MMT: There is very less trend of watching movies in our people. Have any reason in your mind that why Pakistani people do not prefer to go to cinema houses to watch movies?

Mahira Khan Interview by Rubab Sahar

M.K: I think it is the overall trend in the whole world that very fewer people go to the cinema houses. Mostly, people like to go to the playgrounds to watch a football match instead of watching movies in cinemas. The main reason behind this is the development in the digital world; we can watch any new release movie in a good result on our laptops and other resources while sitting home.

MMT: Mahira, please tell us what is the main thing of making a film more successful?

M.K: Content, the major thing which makes any film successful is its content. The better is your movie’s content, the more film can do a big business to become successful.

MMT: You are now in Dubai, what you want to give a message to your fans and followers in Dubai?

M.K: I request all my fans to come to the cinemas to watch Pakistani movies to support us. It is the best time when we all have to unite to give our good image towards the whole world. As you know the film ‘Bin Roye’ do very good business in Dubai, so, I want to say that there is our big audience in Dubai, they can support us. I hope these people come out and support us because when they come to support us, it will good sign for the next year. Because more producers will come here and they want to invest, so our fans will come to support us.

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Mahira Khan Interview with Rubab Mahira Khan Interview with Rubab Mahira Khan Interview with Rubab

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