Madonna’s Clearance About Her Speech on Donald Trump


Pop singer Madonna in her talks about her previous fiery speech for President Donald Trump on Sunday. She explained that her words widely take out of context. In women’s march on Sunday in Washington in her speech, she showed her anger on Donald Trump. She expresses that she is angry at the time of the elections, and thought ‘ an awful work about blow up the White House.’ Madonna then elaborates on Instagram that what she want to say, she said: There were just two steps to respond to trump’s election, including hope or with an outrage.’ She further stated that she hopes with love to effect change.

Madonna Clearance About Her Speech on Donald Trump

Madonna elaborated that she is not going to promote violence. And people listen to her speech, as a whole rather than on sentence taken out of context. Her speech was containing some odd words like ‘Dropping an f-bomb before giving a piece of advice to Trump. There is something prominent as we have all slipped down into a hollow sense of ease. We are hoping well that justice will overcome and the right will win at the end. She added. ‘Well, the right did not win the election, but surely good will win at the end.’


After that she performed on her two hits as one is ‘Express Yourself’ and the second one is ‘Human Nature’. During the performance, she led the crowd in the sense of ‘I Am Not Your Bitch’. A wide range of other performers, including singers Trans advocate, Alicia Keyes and Janelle Monae, writer Janet Mock, and filmmaker Michael Moore, also performed on the stage.

Gathering for Saturday’s March was odd, as organisers received credit for mobilising 5 million marchers worldwide. Standard crowd estimations for the Washington centrepiece of the presentation were not available, but attendance in the nation’s capital clearly passed the 200,000 extended in advance by organisers, fulfilling long stretches of Midtown Washington around the National Mall and White House.

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