Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere Aqua Perfume For Girls

Liquid Cashmere Aqua Perfume

Are you looking for the unique fragrance nowadays to make fresh your whole day? Here is a great and inspiring fragrance solution for you to make delightful your summer. The superfluous freshness for all who in search of it. Liquid Cashmere Aqua is water-inspired perfume is as light as they originate, and smells slightly similar to the ocean air varied with a breeze of spray-on sunscreen. The exclusive and favorite perfume for you. The fresh scent for a long time. Accordingly, you will not sense as if it died out by the afternoon. This Perfume for Women by Donna Karan founded in 2017.

Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere Aqua Perfume

The fragrance¬†named as Floral Woody Musk fragrance. Scent notes are Liquid Cashmere Aqua Donna Karan including top notes of marine, middle notes of flowers. Besides base notes of musk, woody elements. Stephen Weiss design this unique bottle imaginatively. Going up the sensational pieces from Donna Karan’s Liquid Cashmere perfume collection in new compelling facets.

The New Year of 2017 detects the loyal fans of the brand with one further creation presenting the lovely Liquid Cashmere aroma. The future launch joins the latest editions of Liquid Cashmere Blush. In addition, Liquid Cashmere White with Liquid Cashmere Black creating from the new chapter of Liquid Cashmere that developed from the original Cashmere Mist aroma.

Liquid Cashmere Aqua

In the sense of marine freshness, Liquid Cashmere Aqua advances in a swathe of blooming florals besides rich woods. The acquainted bottle of the collection with its beautiful curves now features an aqua blue colour theme equivalent the concept of the Liquid Cashmere Aqua launch. Donna Karan Liquid Cashmere Aqua perfume is predictable to roll out in 100 ml editions of Eau de Parfum. The price is $112-USD. Liquid Cashmere Aqua by Donna Karan 100ml/3.4oz EDP Eau de Parfum.

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