Lipstick Color Winter 2016-17 Dubai

lipstick winter 2016-17

Without lipstick women’s lips are incomplete, so every girl has to choose a lipstick which suits with her outfit’s color and face. Nowadays as fashion trend changing rapidly, cosmetics use and. Lipstick, an item to color your lips up, it is a particular object to complete makeup. Lipstick Color Changes with the season, now the winter season, the season of Deep Red color. Lipstick winter color is quite different from the summer color. Beauty art makes a face radiant and lustrous, a touch of dark red lipstick make its look gorgeous.

Lipstick Winter 2016-17 Trend

Usually, a Lipstick contains pigments, waxes, emollients and oils, which moisturize lips and makes them softener. Lipstick is useful in both ways if it is colorizing the lips or if it protects the lips and makes the lips smooth.

lipstick winter 2016-17

Now in lipstick color it is the season of Burgundy, Maroon, Mahogany, garnet, and Oxblood color. After a good makeup, apply one of the dark red colors on lips gives you a gorgeous look. Glossy colors brought shine for lips, and matte colors make an exciting look. Dark Red was also famous shade during 19s and 20s. In the 1920s there comes a different trend of that time after getting inspiration from an actress Clara Bow, the form named Cupid’s bow. In Cupid’s bow form, lipstick applied around the lips. This trend and many other trends come and go with the passage of time. Lipstick winter color for the year 2016 and 2017 is now trending at Dubai and other countries of world.

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