Lips Care Tips In Winter In English


In winter this is the significant problem of lips, it becomes dry every time, and this dryness affected their beauty. There blow cold winds which affected the skin especially lip. Normally the skin of lips is the most sensitive one in the skin, so it affected first of all in winter. No oil glands in lips to moisturise them as well, so their special care is very necessary.

Lips Care Tips In Winter In English

1. Common Reasons Which Make Lips Dry and Harsh:

If you don’t take care of removing makeup, as lipstick from lips and it remains at your lips while you are sleeping. The lip-balm you are using it contains alcohol or menthol. Too much use of lipsticks and body dehydration. Lip biting can also cause this, and it can also be the result of an ageing process.

2. Care for the lips:

Protect lips from outside and inside, of the things which cause to make lips dry. Especially the sun rays are basic because, so use lip-balm whenever you are going outside. Cover your face up with a piece of cloth or any scarf when you are going into the cold wind. Take at least eight glass of water per day and eat fruits and vegetables which contain water and fluids. If you don’t have any compulsory assignment outside, stay inside it will help you to save yourself from the harsh, cold and dry weather.


You should take sufficient amount of Vitamin B. Eat the foods which are rich in Vitamin B as skim milk, Swiss cheese, eggs, silken tofu, cereals, and red meat. Avoid smoking and use lip balm naturally. While buying lip products keep in view these elements. Long lasting moisturising effect Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and D.

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