Let’s Explore the Culture of Dubai

Dubai is the modern shopping paradise and home to some of the best architectural structures in the world. The culture of the city comprises old Islamic architecture, souks and attractions that allows you to look into the region as it was before it got modernised.

Since shopping has become the top rated activity in the city, you should visit souks to get a feel of old markets. Souk is an Arabic word which literally means market. Traditionally, souks were the places where one could buy and sell products used daily.

If you want to get an experience of typical Arabic marketplace, consider visiting smaller yet traditional souks located in different parts of the city. From these souks, you can choose many items such as clothes, spices, raw meat, other food items and jewelry. If you are looking for traditional crafts and souvenirs, these souks are the best alternative. Tip from the experts: negotiate as much as you can to nail down the best deals.

Art lovers from around the world book Dubai flights to visit Miraj Islamic Art Gallery. The gallery is known for exhibiting collections of Islamic arts created in the Middle East. While taking a closer look at the collection, you will come across Turkish brass engravings, Iranian carpets and jeweled Indian dresses. Besides old and antique pieces, you will also come across contemporary art works. Whatever you find in the gallery is on sale so, if you like an item you can buy it.

Dubai Museum should be the next attraction on your list to visit as it allows you to know more about the history and culture of the city. The building in which the museum is located is known as Al Fahidi Fort, a historical structure built around 200 years ago to protect the city from invaders. Beside the rich past, the fort is also known for exhibiting the evolution of Dubai. The items displayed in the museum depict the journey of the city in becoming an international business from a tribal region. Most popular displayed items are significant collection of weapons, traditional instruments and relics representing the centuries gone by.

Bastakiya District is located next to the Dubai Museum. The district allows you to take a look at how the city looked like before it started featuring all the modern skyscrapers. There are numerous traditional building with a central courtyard and a wind tower. The district features shops, art galleries, restaurants and cafes.

Dubai is a city with plenty to see, from ancient to modern there is definitely something for everyone.

Source by Melissa Newman

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